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traybobOctober 10, 2010

Hello Everyone,

My husband and I are looking at getting new upholstered pieces for our living room. However I am not sure about the layout. We went and browsed furniture last weekend, we really liked a smaller sectional, loved the chaise, but not sure if it would be right for our little house. We are really open to different furniture layouts. The recliner in the corner we would like to keep, it is only a couple years old, however we are open to relocating it somewhere else in the room. The cabinet next to the fireplace needs to stay there, our TV is wall mounted above that. The smaller cabinet between the loveseat and recliner is our liquor cabinet, we would like to keep it in the living room but open to relocating it elsewhere in the room. I would appreciate any ideas and help. Thanks a lot.

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do you want to keep the sectional together? how does it split out? does a piece work as an armless chair?

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Your living room is the same size as mine. Although one wall has a good size working fireplace...and 3 door openings.

I like the chaises with a sofa too. Didn't want to buy new furniture, so I bought taylored slipcovers for the couch and ottoman to match. It works well in my space, but am glad the ottoman isn't attached to sofa. Gives extra seating, but still the same idea.

I'm not good at visualizing space unless there or a photo. One thing I do is tape the floor with furniture sizes before moving. The Decorators Forum is good for info too. But smaller is the best place to be...IMO

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Ok, I cannot tell which is the recliner. Is it the sort of chair which can be close to the wall?

In your present LR arrangement, having a sofa AND a loveseat seems a bit much. It looks crowded.

I presume the TV is on that small table at the bottom of the drawing, between the two windows?

And the liquor cab is the curvy looking object near the small dining table?

Ok. First of all, I would move the new sectional to the right-hand wall, the one with the liquor cab now. This will make your path into the living room from the entry much shorter. It will also give you a long unbroken wall on which to hang some kind of art work. And, it will be much more welcoming to guests by being along that far wall. More of the space in front of your kitchen bar and the area in the central part of the house will be open. I'm thinking it might end up being a good spot for the liquor cab.

I'd somehow relocate that recliner to the wall where the long sofa is shown in your drawing. It would help to have something in your living room, under those windows where the TV is located, like some storage shelves. If they are low and fairly wide, they would end up being additional seating, like a window bench. There are some tall storage towers which could fit at each side of those windows too. I think you need to visually balance the weight in this room, and the tall storage towers would help do that.

For window coverings, behind long curtain panels, which could go ceiling to floor if you have crown molding, put some of those matchstick or bamboo roll-up shades. If you do not like the natural color of them, then spray them with a darker color or brush on a suitable stain.

Find yourself a nice rug for the entry area, which would coordinate with the style of your furniture. Could not tell you what that is.

But you have a nice neat layout for your main floor space.
Hey, glad you dropped in. When we get to know you better, we can be more spot-on with recommendations.

BTW, keep the scale of your furniture small. Unless you have a linebacker occupying that recliner, and it is a really big chair!!! Empty space gives the impression of having more room, also.

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I agree with ML that it looks a bit crowded. Do you really need that much furniture in there? You didn't say how many people live in the house. It looks like the only good place to watch tv is from the sofa. Is that because that is your favorite spot for watching tv? If not, I'd replace the sofa with a couple of comfortable chairs or recliners. Yes, I know recliners are not popular with decorators. I'm more about comfort than the look.

Is your scale right in the plan? It looks like your kitchen is the same size as the bathroom.

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I have trouble trying to get too much into our living room so not much help here. I really wish we could have had one of those chaise couches in here but our room is too narrow. I actually like the arrangement you have here and I really like the software you used to create the visual of the room.

Our living room is 12'9" by 19' 6" I have two recliners and a small couch and a wing back chair and large gun cabinet and the base to that cabinet too in another place.AND a trunk and treadle sewing machine and table between our chairs and secretary. Sheese. Talk about crowded. And yet I do not feel crowded in here.

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Thanks everyone for you input. :) It is just my husband, me, 2 dogs, and a cat. However, we have lots of people over to watch sports and do movie night. So here is the floor plan that the furniture store suggested. What do you think? No more chaise end, instead trying a L shape sofa. Our living room is mostly used for watching tv and hanging out.

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Here is a picture, please note those are not the finishes. Those are just standard with the design program.

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OH Nice computer program even with the finishes they provide. LOL

My only question is the corner couch. It kind of seems like that one corner seat does not really sit some one. If some one else is sitting on either side of the corner one where does the corner person put their legs?

Wish I had that computer program though as I really need to work out where we will be putting our pellet stove and how the rest of the furniture will fit in the room.

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I like that look better, and the fact that two chairs (you & dh) can have a good view of the tv. Chris has a point about the corner of the sectional being useless for sitting, but maybe you could put a tv tray type thing there for snacks when you have a group?

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I love that program it was from better homes and garden. It was around 100.00. I like that you can see what it looks like in 3D, since I am a visual person. The sofa that I like has like a neoangle front. However what I was thinking my husband could sit in the corner with his legs on the couch and I could use him as a pillow.:) Thanks for all input.

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Well then that makes all the sense in the world to use the couch that way. The pups can use the club chairs. LOL

That program is neat I am going to go look for something. Sure would save my back. Just trying things I am a visual person too.


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Aha, I see that the thingy I thought was the liquor cabinet is in fact a heater. Does it burn wood?

So that changes the thoughts I had for the room.
One thing I feel you might want to try is to bring the sofa out from the wall a little bit....the wall with the that you can put a low shelving unit behind it, which will give you space to hide some storage. And, it will give you a surface on which to place some lamps or maybe the remote controls, etc. On the other side of the window, where that high backed chair sits, a tall bookcase or 12 inch deep storage cabinet would give you a place for more storage, and serve to help balance the room.

Behind the sofa is a place to hide stored items you won't use frequently.

Another little feature you might consider is to stick on bevelled mirrors to the laundry room door. On the outside, of course. It must be about 30 inches wide? Room for a double column of the mirror tiles. Be sure they are the bevelled kind which are more durable and look classy. And a long narrow runner on the floor in the entry will lead your eye into the living area.

Altogether your place has good flow, and the only impediment to doing anythin g you want with it is the big heater.

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The fireplace is gas, we use it as our main heat source. We do have electric heat but the fireplace works better and more cost effective. Ideally I would love to put a fireplace with stone where the tv is and mount the tv above the mantel. So many projects so little money. :)

Great idea about storage behind the sofa, I will have to try that out.

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