Too cold to junk, share your finds

secondhandrose2January 18, 2005

Getting cabin fever from all this cold Michigan air ( -1 F this morning). Brrrrrrrrrr! No garage sales, no curbside finds, thrift stores have been a bust. Do you southerners have anything to share? Just help us get through the dreariness of the next two months. Post some of your finds.

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It's cold and nasty here in Ohio, too. I just said I should move to a warmer climate so I could yard sale all year long. I did manage to find a couple of things curbside, though (at least there's still garbage night!). I found a white wicker coffee table and a matching wicker magazine rack (which I am currently using to hold mittens and hats) and a play washer and dryer for my little girl. It looks like brand new. It even had the laundry basket and pretend coat hangers!
Do you ever watch "Find and Design"? I've been getting my yard sale fix from there.


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I live in northeast Ohio....wayyyyyy toooooo cold here!!!

Brrrrrrr...temps in the teens and SNOW!!!!!!

Tomorrow is trash day, but I doubt if I will be out.

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Great finds! I found a white wicker coffee table in the trash last summer. I put it at the foot of my daughter's bed at our cottage. She keeps her CD player and CDs on it. No one is throwing anything out here. I think everyone is too cold to venture out unless it's absolutely necessary. I don't have cable, so I have not seen Find and Design. Sounds like a cool show.

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It's too cold here in New York state too for curb shopping. I've been shopping at home. Pulling out forgotten projects and working on them.
Trying to organize some of my other projects so I can knock them off quickly when the weather gets better.

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come on ladies
we were in 78 degree weather last week.between snow and ice storm . now another snow is expected.everyone should live in N C. peolpe have gotten so they offer me their junk.received a mouse house; a little tyke folding barn.; a bob the builder set.a childs music thingy needed batteries.a kareoke needed bat.i found a chenille tiger and gave it to my physiatrist.he ask where i got him ? i told him dumpster diving.he sprayed out a whole can of disinfecting stuff on him.we have a swap shop at the landfill and it was in a box with x-mas decorations.i guess he pictured me pulling it out off a garbage can.but he liked it and kept it.[lol] hey cold weather is go for making quilts or lap wraps .i take old clothes from the swa[pshop and teeeeear then into strips then when it is to cold to do anything outside i peice these together..i now have 3 garbage bags full of strips.i then give them away for kids to use while laying on the floor to watch tv or to use for dog beds.or to the shelters to give to the homeless.i don,t use filler so they are light weight
and washable.

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Well, here I am in the deep south - suppose to be 71 today and 28 tonight! Since I live in a small town, curb shopping is not great, but I did find a white wicker rocker a few weeks ago (minus one rocker). Pam, too bad we aren't closer - we would have a set. Here's the plan - I have an old screen door that I want to put up next to a wall where a chimney used to be(long story)the wicker rocker(painted mint green)with a plant in the seat, an old goose-neck floor lamp with something viney growing, and a "coffee table" using a huge old roasting pan I found, planted with geraniums. I may throw in a piece of carpet as the place where I want to put this little scene is mostly hard red clay. My adult son will have a duck when he sees it - he already thinks his mother is strange. I am working on the area around screen door so I can plant climbing things there. Don't have room to start another project -have 4 projects underway - and that's just in the dining room!!

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I am in Florida and there was ice on a pan of water in the back yard all day long today! If you want something new to read try Garden Junk--there were several 'finds' for the past weekend on that forum.

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I was in a thrift store last Saturday and happen to come across a really dirty, old table. It had 2 leaves and was sturdy. The price was only $50. So I got it home to start the scrubbing.

And after about an hour, I got the first leg cleaned up. You can see the woodgrain now on the left leg.
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That's a great-looking table, little sardy. Is it a dining table? Oak, I'm guessing? Your cleaning has worked wonders. What product(s) are you using?

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Yes, I believe it's Oak. I used the orange cleaner - This table had greasy, oily black gunk that wouldn't come off unless I used the de-greaser. Then I followed that with some soapy water. Did the trick.

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found this on ebay

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here a Trash to treasure store is going out of business...i work for the owner on occasion for store credit! heres the list of goodies:
41/2 ft. cupboard (has joint compound on it,everywhere but the doors,bun feet and a cool butterscotch glaze!
2 crosses made from oak barrels w/ dream and love tiny metal plaques.
shutters made into a coat tree 5 ft tall
2 wooden wall bins
3 rag rugs
2 chrome peg racks
3 pottery spice jars
gecko wind chime (noah bells)
I think after i used my store credit up i forked over $65
Not too bad! The owner is amazing and taught me to "be one with the Junk" and look beyond the despair and you can find a thing of beauty in a pile of crap no one else wants.
This is a good time to put an ad in the newspaper, folks are cleaning house to make way for the new. Just list specific items so you dont get roped into taking all of their unusables to the dump. I would always have cash on hand to give them a tip or something as a thank you if you get into a good pile of goodies, word will get around and you will have more than enough stuff to keep you busy.

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do you have in your area? Been lots of rain in So. Calif. so I keep busy searching online for interesting things (and cleaning out closets)...although the thrift stores have been good, they keep raising their prices...those darn "antique roadshow" programs!! Latest unbelievable find that only comes once in a blue moon: Herman Miller Aeron chair for $15... French Portrait Box: $20...Minton Spidell chair ($5000 new in showroom) picked up for $100. The pickers must have been busy that day!!

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Well lets see. It was about 74 degrees today here in sunny GA. (tomorrow it will probably 24 and raining! GA weather changes real fast.) Lately on trash days, I've had good junk karma. I've found a red 1950's style metal kitchen stool, a wrought iron tricycle planter (the pedals and seat hold pots and there's a pot holder where a basket would be and another wire basket on the back for more pots), a verdis green patio table, a lava lamp style glitter light, an M&M candy desk lamp, two silk flower swags, a rusty skyblue plant stand, and lots of nice baskets. i think folks know they're throwing away good stuff that someone else will want because all these finds are laid on top of the cans or sitting right beside them. One man's trash is my treasure. alice

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Junkgirl - we want pictures. And yes, when I have to put something out at the trash that I think someone else will grab - I set it beside the can. And yep, it's gone before the trashman cometh.

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I live in frigid rural wisconsin. 12 degrees here right now. many of my neighbors are Amish, so not much goes in the trash around here!
But being married to a pack rat, I usually don't have to go any farther than my own basement to find something to work on if I'm really in the mood!

We are lucky to have 3 really cool junk shops about 15 miles away too that I can check out year around in case we don't have anything I can use.

My current project is turning a "found" sofa table that was still structually good but astheticly "shot" into a coffee table fit to hold pizzas and soda cans for my housefull of teens. I cut off the legs and am working on giving it a black over red crackle finish to help hide any new scratches or stains.

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It's been cold here too in CT. with tons of snow. Everyone here is wondering if its ever going to end. So I've been hitting the goodwills. I found a real nice rooster for my kitchen, a monet picture of a tree, made a spring wreath for my door and am revamping what I have. We had an old junky tall bookcase and right now I'm priming it and painting it white. I'm going to add trim and something nice to the top of it. It will go in my livingroom and hold games, books and my stereo. I live in an old Victorian so theres tons of work to do here. the best stuff I have found around here has been at garage sales.

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