maybe you can help?

momsgirl2January 22, 2005

ok ladies and gents here is a challenge

i ;have tried to do my bedroom in victorian style.with lavender as my basic worked alright wth my suite. well 2 months i was put on a hospital bed which can be raised and lower.i have apnea and fm so it helps with my breathing. the bed has metal wood grain head and foot.rails can be lowered and covered with a spread .question ?i can make it appear a hollywood type bed but what can i hang over it to add the victorian look.before i had a lavender lace curtain on the wall framing the head .

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How about covering the head and foot with padded satin (ala Hollywood) and then create a canopy from a ring haging over the bed and the satin hanging down behind the head and slightly over the sides. It wouldn't cover the bed but create a "romantic" feeling. Very Victorian!

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Is it possible to paint the bed a lavender or white enamel? Not Hollywood, I guess, but possibly Victorian.
A wooden garden gate--or child gate, painted white and mounted on the wall. Lace and/or organza draped from it. Decorate with lavender and white silk flowers, or with a broadbrimmed straw hat trimmed with a lavender ribbon or lavender and white flowers.

Attach a tiered organza dustruffle to the top side rail so it conceals the lower ones.

Put a table of a height to conceal the footboard at the foot of the bed. Drape a white lace cloth--or just a length of lace over it, add a white ceramic pitcher, or any pitcher really, and add dried hydrangea, which will have a soft lavenderish color.

Drape the headboard and/or footboard with needle-pointy looking throws.

Hang a large mirror above the head and drape organza, lace, or tulle from it.


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Could you make a "slipcover" for the headboard and footboard with fabric of your choice or out of a lace tablecloth or such.

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Instead of a hospital bed for apnea...could you have raised the head of the bed with risers or with a bed wedge...that may solve your problem if it is enough of a rise for you.
good luck.

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