gallon jars

annieluJanuary 21, 2007

I have a bunch of gallon jars that I want to paint and make lamps out of(put fairy lights inside.) My question is---how do I drill holes in these jars for the light strand?

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Some years ago I drilled some holes in glass jars. I used a diamond drill bit. I found it at a stained glass store.
I can't remember what the price was but I did a lot of jars with it.

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Annielu - check out the "Crafts & Decorations" forum and find the post about the wine bottle tutorial - the gal over there makes and sells them at craft shows. She posted instructions on how to make them, drill the holes, etc. You need to use a "diamond bit" drill piece.


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and it is best to run under water while drilling. We made a holder out of wood to hold the bottle in place, then run water over it in the basement sink while drilling on a cordless drill with the special bit.

What are fairy lights?

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Fairy lights are the "teeny bulbs" - just the tip of the bulb. You can find them at Michael's in the wedding stuff aisle. Some gals put them in their wedding floral bouquet as some are battery operated. I have used them in a wall hanging basket intertwined in the greenery. They are also great for something like a floral display on a table where you don't want a cord to be seen, or don't have an outlet available in that area. The only drawback to the ones I have is, they use the batteries right up so I only turn them on for an hour or so.

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