frog bath countertop finished

foxroseflMarch 6, 2009

Tah-Dah, OR: WHAT WAS I THINKING? - Hello friends. I was going to post this about two hrs ago but had to check all of your WONDERFUL entries since I had logged on last. I feel totally inadequate looking at your FAST work, since this project took forever. This was by far the most challenging project I have undertaken. Mostly, because I HAD NO CLUE what I was doing. I was anxious to get going so started cutting the glass before DH made the actual backerboard base. Because I cut it larger (easy to cut it down later, right? -- WRONG!: it was like making it all again when I had to fit it properly). I got very uptight trying to place the pieces perfectly, which I found very difficult, mostly due to the oval cutout. I ended up cutting several new pieces, hopefully it doesn't show. I don't like the irregular spaces, and there are a lot of mistakes. (DH claims only I can see them but I don't think so). All in all I really enjoyed this project just BECAUSE it was such a challenge. I opted for the back splash on a backerboard strip b/c I felt it would be easier to install, which it was, but I'm not so sure about the straight lines. That's why I'm thinking of tying it in with some more wall painting. -- But I'm already thinking about several new mosaic projects.

I love visiting this forum, all of you feel like old friends. Thanks for your support -- and continue your wonderful inspiring work.

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link to pix from design to finish

Here is a link that might be useful:

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WOW! WOW! I would NEVER want to come out of your bathroom!
Your countertop and backsplash are beyond fantastic! What an awesome, awesome job you have done!! Congrats!

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OH my gosh, that is the most beautiful counter I've ever seen. I can see why it took awhile, all that cutting, grinding and installing... it is truly a work of art!!!!

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Absoutley, positively the mosT beautiful WORK!!!! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL....WOWEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I LOVE IT!!!
Thanks for sharing !!!! What a wonderful piece of art you have!!! Cathy

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There is no a big enough WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!
Girl I an=m shure you see mistake but I can not .It is so BUITEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is the most beautiful countertop ever. I see no mistakes and think it's absolutely gorgeous.It may have taken you a while, but it's well worth the effort, just a wonderful piece of art.

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Truly a magnificient, professional job. You are a true artist. You'll smile every time you walk in. LOVE the snake's position.

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That is THE most beautiful bathroom I've ever seen!! I can't believe all the detail, everything is so perfectly cut, AND you've NEVER done anything like this before!! Can't wait to see what you do next. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

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Who cares how long it took, it is marvellous! I am slow too, but it doesnt matter if the end result is like that!

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It is so lovely! No wonder it took time, so much wonderful detail!

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Oh! Oh! Oh! Beautiful! I remember seeing your post when you started this, and loved it then. It's so great you have it finished and it's so wonderful. What an incredible piece of art. They'll be doing house tours to your house for sure to see it! CONGRATULATIONS on a GREAT project!

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There certainly isn;'t a big enough WOW to describe this!!! Such precision and peeeeerfection!!! I am just not disciplined enough to take that much care and time to do such a great job!! I always go too fast and so it Never looks this good! And the painting up the walls and cieling!!! W.O.W.!!!!! You done good Girl!! And DH too!!!

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OH YEAH!!!! I've been waiting for this one! WOW WOW WOW! Its so GORGEOUS... I mean stunningly beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS

a true work of art there!

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My goodness what a great bathroom!! Great job!!

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Wow, what a great job you did! Can we hire you to come do ours???lol! Must have been extremely time consuming and hard. Good job! I think I'd be sitting in my bathroom all the time if it looked like that!

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THANK YOU THANK YOU! for all your compliments. My head is so swelled I hope I don't blow up. - I think you are giving me far too much credit, so I'd like to clarify the "no clue" part: All my hobbies are self-taught. A long time ago I saw Vickie Payne on TV and said with my usual arrogance: "I can do that", and promptly bought all the necessary stuff. Have been doing stained glass for 18 years now, on and off. I did some wall tiles (just plain 4x4s) a while back, but with mastic. The "no clue" applied to arranging the glass mosaic-fashion, working with thinset and the idea of a counter top. I learned by doing thus the mistakes. And I liked the process so much that I am contemplating a mosaic bottom for my step-in bathtub (other bath). There are other projects I have to finish first (DH and I share the honey-do list!), and I still have a gazillion questions. THIS GROUP (yes, you-all) have been the inspiration and teacher for this project. I don't think I could have done it w/o your willingness to share your expertise. Thank you so much for being here.

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your work is magnificent - thank you for sharing.

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Oh Wow! I love that...It would go perfectly with the koi pond that I did on my bathroom floor and shower floor. It is perfect with the rest of your bathroom. Thank you for the inspiring photos...

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All I can say is GORGEOUS!!! I love it.

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Holy dawg snot!!
This is gorgeous!! Really, really nice.

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That is the most beautiful countertop I have ever seen. What a great job you did. All I can say is WOW.
Thanks so much for sharing your work

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WOW it turned out super. You did an awesome job, i love it is so pretty.

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The most beautiful countertop I've ever SEEEEN!!!!

And I am so HAPPY to find out I am not the only an@l person when it comes to grout lines!! ROFL!!! I HATE large grout lines. I like my spacing to be fairly even between all the pieces so I understand completely what you're saying.

It's magnificent - the whole bathroom. You should be extremely proud of yourself!!

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