OK, I need help composite table

secondhandrose2January 18, 2005

OK, I have these two tables I was working on in the fall. They were, I thought, wood. They are about 19 inches diameter, 20 inches tall, with some carving in the top and sides. They each have 4 turned legs. They were painted white, and I want to stain them brown to match my coffee table. I began by putting stripper on them. There was black stain underneath, so I bought a palm sander to get the stain off. Before I could use it, the cold weather hit and I had to stash them in the basement until spring.

A squirrel somehow got into my basement while we were away for the weekend. He chewed up the table tops, and I found out they are made of some kind of composite material. Now what do I do? Sand them and use brown paint on them? Won't that look hideous?

I am ready to throw them out. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hey!!! The only thing I can think of if you really want to put some time into them is to use Rocktite. It is like a wood filler that dries very very hard. After you fill the holes and parts where there is damage. let them dry very hard. This product is in a powder form in a box and the brand name is Durham. After it has dried, you can then take a sander or sand paper, and sand it smooth. Since it is a composite material, I suggest you put a sealer on it before you paint. This will keep out moisture. Hope this helps.

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I've had a table and a small bookcase that were in awful shape. I really thought I was going to have to toss them. Then I decided to use torn up brown paper bags and wallpaper paste to cover them. I then stained the table and I painted the bookcase red. They look like they were covered in leather. When I was done I sealed them. They both get a lot of use and look good even after four years of use.

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Carol what a cool idea!!!!!!!!!!1

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Rocktite, or regular old wood putty will fill in the holes- you can even replicate the carvings if he was a real marauder. prime, the go back and fill in any little imperfections with spackle, and 'sand' with a damp washcloth (or one of DH's socks with the toe all blown out from his overgrown claws ;) then another coat of prime on those spots- you'll have to paint-finish the tables, and woodgraining it would be a nightmare with the turned legs and figured top- but there are plenty of other options.

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