This lady's got big ones!!!

gibsonaMarch 9, 2009

Well, at least one huge one! This is amazing! I wonder if that would really hold up here in North Texas. Check it out. . . .

Have a good one!


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I love that thing, and the wip pics are awesome too.

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Wow that is a big one!!! And it is awesome!!!!! Cathy

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How inspiring!!! Love the way she did the tesserae AND the grouting in sctions like that! Hope my Throne chair goes that well!!!

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Very nice!!!

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That's the size FLAG and I are planning to make. Google Little and Lewis to see how they make a water feature that size. Unfortunately, here in TX, we can't have still water in vessels as theirs, b/c of mosquitos.

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slow, you could drill drain holes and fill it with something else, like styrafoam pellets, secured together, sanded and painted, to look like thinks.

and, coincidentally, I have a mess of pictures of little an' lewis's gardens, from a visit a few years ago, before they sold the property.
I'm a bit more than an hour from their former place, on Bainbridge Island, in the PNW.

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