urgent - msg to garden web administrator

craftylady-2006January 16, 2007

Msg to Garden Web Administrator - would you kindly read my below msg I posted and check this out. As I wrote, if I'm wrong, then I apologize but I have this feeling something is not right in this repeated msg being posted to older forum msgs.


Hi Friends,

I got a feeling something is not right in some of the msgs. If you look at some of the msg headings at the top of the forum, you'll see someone has made msg entries into otherwide older msgs. Well, I had answered one of those msgs back in Nov (the one that reads "scratched edge door repair" - it was a legitimate forum poster) and I saw someone had put a new msg in it - yesterday, Jan 15th at 11:11 am. I thought the gal who originally posted the msg was getting back to us to say the idea had worked, etc. But, when I opened that msg and looked at the last entry - it's a msg that is being posted by someone with a website called "medyumevi.com" - it talks about tarot cards, etc. and there is a website attachment on the bottom of the msg to click on to. The msg posted is in some foreign language (not American I know that!!!) See the next couple of "older posts" after that one - see the "new msg" entries on Jan 15th at 10:54 am, 10:58 am, etc. - it's the same msg being posted into all of those legitimate poster msgs that are old. I got a funny feeling that "we should NOT be opening up that website on the bottom of that msg."

Hey, maybe it is a legitimate post but I'm NOT opening it - for the fact that it has been posted in several old msgs on this forum and on other forums I've looked at - something is NOT right here. I'm writing this as a warning to my forum friends here. If I'm wrong then I'll apologize but I got a strange feeling on this one. I know I can report this to Garden Web somehow and I'm checking into doing that right now. I'm posting a msg in the Garden Junk and other forums I go into for folks to come here and read this msg. I'd hate for anyone of us to get hit with a computer virus due to this msg post.


Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

crafty, you can contact the Admins direct by clicking on the link below, or going to the bottom of the main page and clicking on "Contact Us"

I did this the other day and they were very quick to take care of the problem I had.

Here is a link that might be useful: Admin contact page

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