How can I preserve nice crackly old paint?

mclarkeJanuary 8, 2007

I recently acquired several beautiful old shutters, and I want to hang them on a fence in my garden.

The paint is all crackly and wonderful, and I want to preserve it. What sort of coating should I use to keep the paint as it is, and protect the shutters from further deterioration from the elements?

Thanks for your ideas!

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One of the gals in the Garden Junk forum uses a "marine varnish" on her outdoor wood pieces. I've not used it before but I would think two or three coats of the varnish to really protect the shutters - depending on the brand used. Would love to see pics of the shutters if you can post them.


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Thanks so much, Sal! Marine varnish makes perfect sense.

Garden Junk forum???? How did I not find this forum before? I'm going over there now... thanks!

I will post photos of the shutters once they're varnished.


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