Anyone bend glass rods for their mosaic?

carrieo11March 18, 2014

Hi, I'm Carrie, and I'm new here. You all do amazing work! I am making a four by eight foot seascape mosaic, my biggest project yet, for the jellyfish tentacles, I am using glass rods, and I am having trouble shaping them into the wavy look I need. Anyone try this before? I can't find a video or post anywhere! Here's my WIP, I would love your suggestions!

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Have you tried a torch?

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I had the thin ones ( stringers and noodles ) and used the stove. They get hot!
I used hemostats and tweezers and pot holders .

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I don't know about glass rods but I wanted to say that your WIP looks wonderful.

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Hey...did you figure it out? Looks good!!!

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Looks really nice. What is the backing you've attached to?

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