table made from old amunition box

cjlpnJanuary 16, 2007

I found an old amo box/crate and would like to transform it into a table. Any suggestions for legs? I am thinking about a metal base, does anyone know where I could purchase a base?

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I have a suggestion for the legs CJ -- how about using porch/decking spindles, cut them to the length you want or leave them as long as they are. Some are really wide at the ends and those ends could be nailed or wood-screwed through the box/crate into the spindles. Find them at Home Depot or Lowe's. Talk to the workers at Home Depot, etc. and ask what they think would be best to attach the "legs." If you don't find anything you like at those stores, check out antique stores. A local antique shop here has old "table legs." I wanted to buy four matching legs to use as legs for flower boxes with legs but they wouldn't sell them because the guy was going to do just that.

I'm stumped as to what you mean by a "metal base" though. Do you mean a base for the box/crate to sit on?

Here is pic of a flower box my brother made for me out of wood from a headboard for a bed. The legs are spindles from an old table. I know they're real skinny and they should be wider but that's all we had to use at the time and since my bro built it for me, I don't care, I really like it a lot. I painted it my favorite country red color and used a homemade stencil for the stars.


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Hi, CJ: Just happened onto this site today cuz there was a message on the Garden Junk side to read a message on this site. I see your posting re ammo boxes. You probably want a much better table that what's pictured in my album, but here's what I've used three for. The one in the picture for the "coffee table" has since been painted, after I finished the patio area. I used the doors to put "shutters" on a window outside my back patio. Welcome to look in my album to see those. I hang out on the Junk side and Stained Glass/Mosaic mostly.
Ammo table/flower boxes

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