makeithomeOctober 4, 2010

Hi everyone,

I have been lurking for a long time and I finally decided to join GardenWeb.

I just wanted to introduce myself here. Out of all the forums, this one seems to be the one that will most interest me.

My name is Emily. My husband and I are waiting for the clear to close any day now on our first home. It's a beautiful house... but it seems quite small compared to most of the homes I have seen in the home decorating forum (which kind of makes me nervous about posting there). Our house-to-be is 1424 square feet, and it has a very interesting floor plan. There are a lot of little rooms, rather than a few bigger ones. I am probably going to need advice about how to arrange things to make the most of each space.

I would love to see pictures of all your small homes. Please feel free to post them on this thread. I always love seeing what people do with their spaces- I find it very inspiring.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know everyone here. Thanks so much!

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Makeithome- Welcome! Your new home sounds lovely. I hope you'll post pics. Smaller homes have so much charm...and I like the way you have to be creative sometimes, to get everything to fit. I love furniture (or even rooms) that serve more than one function. Right now, I'm looking for a buffet/desk that can also store a sewing machine :)

If you decide to do any gardening at your new home, I'd recommend the cottage garden forum. Great group and the closest thing I've found to this forum on the gardening side.

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lavander_lass - Thanks for the warm welcome!

I don't have many pictures of the house right now, and the ones that I do have are from the MLS. But, here's the exterior of it:

I also posted a couple pictures of the living room in the decorating forum, but I didn't want to repost them here and overkill it, lol.

I am really hoping we get the call soon to close. :)

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What a beautiful house and lot! And welcome to the Small House Forum.

Our house was 1406 sq ft when we moved in, with separate, small rooms, so I know what you mean. We all do here. We've enclosed our garage and made it a den, so now we are up to about 1800 sq ft. But the rest of our rooms are still small.

Can't wait to see the inside of yours.

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Vwry cute! And welcome to small homes!

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What a sweet home! I look forward to seeing more pictures after you move in and start making it yours. Enjoy the whole process.

Welcome to this forum.


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What a charming house! Our house is about the same size as yours square footage-wise and we've not found a need for more space (better space, which is why we're renovating, but not more). I grew up in a pretty open-concept style house (mid-century modern) so I always envisioned myself more in that style of house, but I really enjoy the separate rooms, and in a small house you're never too far away from another room.

I'm sure you'll love it!

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Your house is wonderful...I hope you close soon. How exciting!

If you do like to garden, I hope you'll post pics on the cottage garden forum. They would love your house!

Even if you posted pics on the HD forum, I hope you'll post some here. If I miss a day or two over there, I miss about 8 pages of posts! LOL Things move very fast over there and in kitchens :)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Welcome, makeithome! Your new home is beautiful--I covet those dormers. I'm not much help at decorating, but I'd love to see pictures.

When we first bought our home it was about the same size as yours, too. It's fun (and stressful, sometimes) to put your own personality into a new home--best of luck!

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Welcome Emily,

Wonderful home. I bet you are excited to get started moving into it.

I looked at the other pictures and love the sun porch color. I think it would be lovely to bring it on into the living room area.


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Welcome to our 'small' group! I love that house- and it's not really all that small compared to some. Don't forget to visit the 'conversation' side where we wander a little further off-topic. I hope you'll visit often, and share more pictures!


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Thank you so much everyone! I am glad you like the house! We are so excited to get in there.

I always said I didn't want dormers, but I love them now, lol. But honestly, my favorite thing about the exterior... it has a slate roof. It's so pretty! I had never really looked at a slate roof until I saw this house. Anyone else here have slate? Anything I should know about how to properly maintain it?

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments. I really appreciate it!

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welcome to the forum! I love your house - it isn't that small really. mine is only about 1600 sqft - not much bigger.

I looked at the other pics but didn't determine where the entrance was inside.

maybe if you paint the LR/SR in an off white/cream color it would pick up the grout color of the FP, then you could pick up the reddish color in a chair, some pillows etc.

do you have a layout of your soon to be new home?

if so, post it - and more pics. we love pics!

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I personally think some really rich colours would look better than buttery and creamy yellows and whites but that's just my humble opinion :). Buttery whites seem to be all the rage right now. I love deep and rich colours though, I think they really bring out a room.

Your house is beautiful! Do you like to garden? Some gardens and a nice tree or two would make such a difference!

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Desertsteph- I just drew up a diagram this morning. Please ignore the strange alcovy-thing next to the half bath... that doesn't exist. I don't know what I was thinking, lol.

Krycek - The colors in the exterior picture aren't really representative of the house colors. I remember going to the house for the first time and being like "Oh, that's not what I thought it would look like". I'll take new pictures once we close. It's actually a pretty dark beige on the outside, and the slate is a mix of browns, reds and blues. It's doesn't translate well here. I was thinking of putting up cranberry colored shutters, taking down the storm door, and painting the entry door a dark, rich blue. What do you think?

And while I don't have any experience gardening, my mom loved it and I am looking forward to trying my hand at it!

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Oh I think that would look very nice!!!!!! And don't forget that they have those storm doors that are pretty much all glass so if you still want a storm door and want to show off your front door too, you can do so.

A nice garden along the front of the house on either side of the sidewalk/walkway would add some nice texture and height in front of the house - It's just claling out for a garden right there!

And a nice smaller tree or two in your front yard would make the yard look "finished".

Although sometimes it can be an uphill battle. My partner loves grass so I have to be judicious in my placement of gardens...I don't get the appeal, but whatevs!

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What a lovely home you have chosen! I adore the slate roof. I bet it is even lovelier in person and just makes the house.

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Emily, welcome to Smallville!
You've come to a friendly place, and one I find helpful too.
Right now we have TWO houses, and will be selling one of them next year. So I will give you the link to my Webshots albums and you can find the albums related to several houses that are part of my repertoire.

The Alabama house is a stucco cottage of about 1000 square feet, haven't really measured. I call it Casa Del Sol.

The Massachusetts house is a cedar shake cape cod style house, which has its garage and front windows/door in about the same location as your house. It was built in 1948, and my DH has lived in it for about 48 years. I guess.

Hope you enjoy hanging out with us. Lots of creative ideas always showing up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moccasin's Webshots albums

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