ideas needed for storage tub lids

ravenesanceSeptember 20, 2009

My neighbor gave me about 30 storage tub lids. Sizes range from shoebox to big tub size. Yes just the lids, they range from plastic to rubbermaid. Any idea's what I could do with them other than putting them in the recycle bin. I have already put them on craigslist and freecycle with no bites to take them.

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That's a tough one ! I'm in the midst of DE-CLUTTERING my house -- and I found a bunch of orphan lids. I let them sit around a day or 2 just to look at them and try to think of something. I gave up . I was blank - other than cut shapes out of the plastic or make stencils out of them . Mine ended up being recycled . Maybe someone else can help you . Good luck!

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I used a bin lid, filled it with water, and put my plants in it when we went away so I didn't have to worry about them drying out.
If I had a large one now, I'd stick it under the cat box to catch any stray cat litter..

other than that, I have no idea.

good luck.

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