Authentic trash cabinet :)

lazy_gardensSeptember 4, 2003

Rescued from the alley a few years ago.

One door missing, and no glass in the other one, but the aged finish was fabulous (you can't duplicate the effect of decades of neglect and layers of paint with a mere kit) and it fit in the spot I wanted a display cabinet.

Image link:

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best "crackle finish" I have seen yet (LOL).

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love it... loads of character!

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have a recipe for 'crackling'
paint base coat on wood. let dry.
dilute PVA glue with water and paint over base coat.
allow glue to semi dry, then paint over with top coat. it will crackle before your eyes. it must be water based paint not oil based.
experiment first with small pieces of wood to get timing right. best of luck

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I thought for a moment you were going to say."Paint base coat on wood. Let dry outside for a few years";)

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That is way cool! Stacy

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