ideas for plastic concrete cylinders

jaubertSeptember 10, 2003

Posting pictures of my cylinders, I'd like have some suggestions for their use.

Image link:

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Could you put them in your garden for planters? You could paint them to look like terra cotta, or mosaic them. Maybe do a grouping of different heights with some trailing plants.

How about legs for a low table? Maybe painted to look like stone.

Maybe stacked on their sides and fastened together, then hung to hold mittens, hats, etc. in your mud room. Or to sort bills/mail in?

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I was reading a gardening magazine the other day- they took chimney liners ( that cost big $$$) not much larger than these it looks like, stagered them in heoghts and planted herbs in them. It turned out really well. I am going to do the samething with ditch tiles next spring. Instant height and fullness for a garden!

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I dont know how tall those plastic cylinders are, but you could mosaic around the outside and have a great planter or even an umbrella stand inside the house.

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BB holders

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