Would you use buffet lamps on bedside tables?

marti8aOctober 19, 2008

Currently we have normal fat ginger jar type lamps on the tables, but I have a couple of buffet lamps with typical little lampshade. But they are really too short to read by, and I thought the height of the buffet table would work better, plus they would take up less room on the table.

What do you think? Are buffet lamps only for the buffet?

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Well, so they're not traditional, but is that important? If they do a good job for you and you like them, isn't that all that matters? The decor police might disapprove, but then if you don't invite them over, who cares ;-)?

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IMO a lamp is a lamp, pretty much - if they work size-wise (especially height) and fit your decor, go for it. I found buffet lamps to be too tall for our nightstands so we got a lot of glare from the bulbs, and it was hard to reach the switch without streeeeeetching. If you don't already have the buffet lamps, stack your existing lamps up on some books or boxes to the same height as an average buffet lamp would be, and see if you get glare in your favorite reading position.

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*slapping my forehead* That is so practical JohnMarie! Why didn't I think of that?!!!

I do have the lamps, but they have the little shades. I was going to find a bigger shade for one & try it, but I like your idea better. Thanks!

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The main thing is, do the lamps provide enough wattage for reading?

Teresa, who does have her bedside lamp sitting on a pile of books!

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I didn't have enough good solid book handy, so I put it on a jewelry box & it works great!

Teresa, did you raise both lamps or just the one on the side of the bed for reading?

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It's just me in the bed at present, so I just have one lamp on "my" side. There is a quilt rack in the corner by the other side of the bed.


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I wish I could get rid of the table on the other side too Teresa but it holds a clock, and it looked funny to me without a lamp, so it has a matching lamp. I would much rather have that lamp in another room where it could be used instead of just being a place holder.

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Is there some "law" of decorating holding that lamp in place, Marti? LOL! I promise you "Martha" is not going to raid your house and give you a citation if you move that lamp. What about a tall container of silk or dried flowers or a live plant to replace the lamp but still give the bulk that was the lamp?

Guess I'm too practical to think that everything has to be matchy matchy.


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It's been there so long that dh would probably squawk if it were gone. He does turn it on every once in awhile but I unplugged it one time & it was a couple of weeks before he noticed. And this is terrible but I like the bulk of it because it keeps dh from piling more stuff onto his table. Flowers, even fake, are out because of dh's allergies. When we build our next house, I am going to have wall lamps and very small tables next to the bed. So for now, it's all about getting this place ready to sell.

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