So excited...thank you Summerfield :)

lavender_lassOctober 29, 2011

Here's the cottage picture that I found online. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

And here's the plan Summerfield just finished! Very similar to before, but with some important changes. The porch off the back is glassed, with screens and can be a home office or extra bedroom, if needed, in the future. Also, the hot tub is back! Turns out we don't have to bring in heavy equipment and can build it like a covered deck and then screen no damage to the lilacs :)

Thank you're the best!

From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures](
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Great job Summerfield! It looks just like it, and more.

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OH Nice job. Looks so wonderful.

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Thank you, Summerfield is amazing! What I really like about this plan is that it's exactly what we want and we can do it in stages. The greenhouse and hot tub area can be added could the pergola and even the screened porch. It gives us a lot of options, if we run into anything unexpected during the remodel and have to cut back on the project.

The best thing about having a plan is being able to show everyone, exactly what I've been trying to describe to them. A picture really is worth a thousand words! :)

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Sorry I messed up the link...trying again

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I will get this right eventually, I hope...

lavender_lass this is for you and your love of a special kind of house and the evocative feelings they provoke. It resonates with me and my feelings about home versus house. Enjoy.

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Dakota- Thank you for the site! They do have some lovely home plans and the exteriors are so charming. Even the plan books are fairy tale like, starting with Once Upon A Time...

I think cottages (at least for me) represent all that's right with a small home. They're cozy, with window seats and fireplaces, have lots of charm and never feel too big. There are always little places to sit and enjoy a view (inside and out) and the climbing roses, vines, flowers and herbs, etc. that 'go' with a cottage home are a big part of the appeal. So many of us associate these homes with storybooks and fairy tales, they also feel very safe...and maybe that's the biggest appeal of all :)

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Interested in what stage you are going to start with first? Looks like a really nice plan.

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Fantastic choice, Lavender!
Many many happy dreams while this house is created.

Summerfield is amazing.

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Great layout Lavendar_Lass! You have the dining, seating, kitchen and island that I am trying to cram into my plan. Jealous!!! It's a great plan. I love the hot tub too!

Your inspration pic looks more like a tudor than a cottage to me. Are you planning to have the interior with a more cottage feel?

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Ellendi- We'll start with the main part of the house, with the utility room area as an addition. Most of the plan is already there, but the porches are new.

ML- Thanks! I know this has always been your favorite plan, too. I've always loved the kitchen, but I think the utility room/powder room is much better.

Dilly- It's more of a cottage/farmhouse, but the exterior rooflines and entry are very much like the inspiration pic. The pergola and swing would look wonderful, but the half timbers are a little more Tudor than we'll probably have. I love climbing roses, wisteria and lots of flowers, so definitely more cottage with a bit of farmhouse feel (I hope) with the porches and big kitchen. I really like english cottage and french country farmhouse, so we'll see where we end up! :)

Here's my favorite inspiration pic for the kitchen area... From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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