Square Footage

slovesjOctober 31, 2010

How important is the number of square footage to you in your home?

We are thinking about making our closet a into a walk-in closet and moving the entrance. We don't have anywhere near enough storage and it would help. We'd lose about one foot of bedroom square footage, but right now it's not usable space anyway since the doors are there. So in short we'd gain closet space and wall space, but lose some square footage.

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I've thought of doing the same thing. I'd only lose 20 sq ft of bedroom, gain 16 sq ft of closet, but I think it would be worth it. It would make the walkway around the bed a little smaller, but I would still be able to fit my furniture in it. My master bedroom closet is 3x5 and that is for 2 people - that extra 16 sq ft would be priceless. The next time we need to replace carpet, I am going to try to talk dh into it. I know he will say it's a lot of work/expense for such a small space, but that closet has been the subject of much argument over the last 15 years. Worth it, IMO.

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We have a 5 by 6 walk in closet in the last two houses and it really is a great space. Lots of room for clothes and storage.

We have more walk around room in our bedroom than needed at 12'8 by 14 '.

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In a small house, it's USEFUL square footage that matters most. I've become an expert in thinking out of the box for additional storage space. And also in having less to store!

I think you need a closet more than a walking area--go for it!

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My bedroom is 10 by 12. I own and I prefer a Queen sized bed. If I could start from scratch, I would prefer my bedroom to be about 11 feet wide and no more than 12 feet deep. That would give me plenty of room for a Queen sized bed, dresser and side tables/night stands with room to spare to walk around.

I too have toyed with the walk in closet idea verses properly arranged wall closets with sliding doors. I have even toyed with the idea of combining my dresser and closet into a built-in wall unit with creative door placement.

And then.......I start thinking about how much "stuff" do I really NEED and wonder if creating additional storage just invites accumalation. It's the other Circle of Life.

The real irony of discussions like this is that if money, financing, resale, neighborhood conforimty, none of that mattered, I could justify about twice as much garage/workshop space as I could justify living space. And considering I want my living space on one level and all ground level, wouldn't that combination of structures make for an intersting picture?


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