The Chicken, the Fox, and the Rowboat

mushcreekOctober 12, 2013

Remember that old riddle from your school days, where you have to get across the river with a chicken, a fox, and a rowboat? That's kind of what our recent move was like.

We have just moved from our small house in FL to our smaller (and unfinished) house in SC. In addition to all of the challenges of getting a house ready for the market, and packing all of our worldly goods, we had the pets to deal with. We had a plan- until my son got sent to Wyoming on business, and my wife volunteered to watch his hyper, high maintenance Australian Shepherd for 3 months! This dog does not mind, will run off if given the chance, and does NOT get along with our dog and cat.

Friends of ours watched our dog for the move, so one problem was off the table. We gave the cat a sedative for the 12 hour drive, and put her in a cat carrier in the car which we towed behind the rental truck. Our son's dog rode in the truck cab with us. So far so good. But when we stopped and the sun had come up, the car was getting warm inside. That was when we discovered that the car battery had died, and there was no way to open the electric windows. For the rest of the trip, my wife had the cat carrier in her lap, while the dog who would like to EAT the cat was right next to her!

We did make it, though, and everyone is settling in. We had men from our new church to help with the unloading, and got it done in 1 hour. It took us 14 hours to load the truck- we were so grateful to have help on this end. The cat is living in the barn, and is eating and acting normally after a few days of hiding. Our dog has the run of the place, as she is well-behaved, and our son's dog is getting used to a tie-out on nice days. Being an apartment dog, she is used to being in a crate all day, so at least we can secure her when we need to. Phew!

My wife has a week in at her new job, and we have new discoveries every day as we go through boxes looking for stuff we need RIGHT NOW. Most things will stay packed until the house is done, though, probably 6-8 months away.

Well- time to get this new house done! We've already had nibbles on the old house, so we hope it sells quickly.

Jay (flgargoyle)

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Oh my! What an ordeal. I worry about moving our cat and that's just one cat.

I know you said, but did your wife get a transfer or a whole new job?

It's so hard to settle in while you have stuff going on. I hope work on the house goes much quicker now that you are all in one place. And good luck with the old house selling. One less thing to deal with.

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I feel your pain. I moved from Washington DC to Texas with 2 cats in the cab of a U-haul truck. They wouldn't eat or pee, so we had to do the trip with only a 4 hours of sleep in the parking lot of a motel.

Boy do I miss my cats.

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