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earthpearlsAugust 31, 2003

We have a small 1/2 bath that I'm transforming into a 'throne room' for my royal guests..

This lightfixture is made from a very old chair back, the rest of the chair is hanging in another room. I took apart a junk light and used the parts to make this one. It's wired right to the wall where the old light fixture was.

and here's the 'royal tp presenter'...made from an old knewl post.. And since I had these neat pieces of bed frame, I put them here along with the Family Coat of Arms (lol) I'm looking for ideas on how to make a royal magazine rack..also wondering...has anyone painted a toilet, I'd like to do this one 'pure gold' but don't know what paint to use..



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Lovely Throne room. I didn't know the "ROYALS" did such a common thing. LOL Since they do, your room is befitting their highnesses or is that hinnies? OMG stopeth me before I get my jester self beheaded! If I may inquire how will you do the "royal flusher" seat and lid, padded and/or painted? Help mine thoughts hath gone awry!!!!

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Nell Jean

There's a kit at Lowe's for painting a bathtub, but I don't know about a toilet. Bathtubs are usually porcelain coated cast iron (old) or steel (newer) and toilets are ceramic porcelain.

Why not just use a gold toilet seat, either paint a composition wood one gold or buy a gold plastic -- I bet they make 'em.

I see an opportunity for mosaic work, here.

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OMG! I love it! I collect castle things, and this room is right up my alley. You've done a wonderful job! On the magazine rack, I'm thinking about the black iron wood holders. You know, the ones you put by the fire place? I've seen some neat ones and maybe you could somehow weld some ornamental details to it? On second thought, that might be kind of big for a bathroom. I'll have to think some more on this one.


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A few swords hung vertically could hold some magazines. Also fire place tools but it looks as if you haven't much room left on the walls.
I'm sure you would make the lid of the toilet pretty too.

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Your royal throne room is really awsome! I love it! For the "golden Throne" I like the idea of painting a wooden seat assembly or you could get the faux gold leaf and do it in gold leaf.

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Wow! You have some wonderful pieces! I love the light fixture made from the old chair back! How clever! I think mosaic would be really cool on the toilet, as long as you still can do it where you can flush it and remove the top of the tank if needed. It would be neat with little pieces of mirror and also some amber glass to give it a real rich royal look. Target used to have princess things. They were in pastels, but could be repainted. I think they had a waste basket that was a crown. It could be painted a deep antique gold and look really neat. I don't know if they still have them or not (as the mom of three little boys, I don't exactly go "princess" shopping much! LOL!). Beautiful so far!


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Here is another thought. How about covering the throne with red velvet and trimming it out with gold tassles around the seat and around the top of the tank . You could adhere it with spray affixative.

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Don't forget the faux ermine if you go with the robe theme...

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I'm so tickled with your ideas and support, I get some eyerolls round here with my 'royal' ideas...I have to be careful cuz the King and Prince use this room and we don't want to upset the scullery maid (she's mean!) You've inspired me, I'm thinkin royal purple bathset with pearls, jewels, tassles, gold trim, ERMINE (I forgot about that stuff!)..and painting the seat solid gold (if it makest shiney hinenesses, I can replace it). Thanks, I'm inspired to work on this room...hmm, swords...
Big grins!

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Very beautiful! I just love the lush velvets and dark woods with the royal feel and what better place to put that but around the throne. Great Ideas!

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I wonder if the patio paints would work on the toilet? Very nice job, very fun room thus far...

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Well, I went hunting gold toilet seats and found this...

>> The National Enquirer says that according to published reports, Ben Affleck has purchased fiance Jennifer Lopez e a jewel-encrusted toilet seat. "Jennifer is my princess and she deserves only the best - even when it comes to toilets," Affleck reportedly told a pal. The $105,000 toilet is adorned with rubies, sapphires, pearls and a diamond and was designed by Affleck himself. The report adds that the stones are set inside the plastic, so Jennifer's behind won't get scratched. I did find a gold chrome seat for a little over $200. LOL!

Interesting how they all seem to be in England. hmmmm...

Sophie ^i^

Here is a link that might be useful: less pricey gold toilet seat

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buy a wooden one, sand it down, spray paint it gold, then shellac it! voila, all for less than $30 totoal!
i have done a few painted folk art toilet seats this way, still holding up after 3 years...

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