Special style of kitchen to use crystal knobs?

msroseJuly 14, 2012

I got a Pottery Barn catalog in the mail today and they have some beautiful crystal knobs. I'm planning to change my faucet and knobs to orb ones and was wondering if the crystal knobs would work in my kitchen or if they look better in a certain style of kitchen.

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I'd be more inclined to use those in a bathroom.

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I think they'd look better on painted cabs with a vintage or coastal look. The wood grain on your is beautiful, but wouldn't work with the knobs, imho.

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You both confirmed what I was already thinking. Oh well, I guess I'll stick with my original plans then. Thanks for the input!

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I think they look nice and would go well with the cabinets. Everyone has different tastes but always remember its what you like in the end that matters. Sometimes a simple yet beautiful knob can change the look and in your case I think it will work for the better. I love those knobs by the way. Good eye!

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Def would not use those glass knobs in the kitchen pictured!

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If I used those in my kitchen I'd want to spend all my time wiping them to make sure they sparkled! :)

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'stylistically' they might not be perfect for your kitchen, but they're fairly plain crystal knobs... they're nice-if you like them, use them!!! they won't detract from what you have in your kitchen, imo...
(btw, i would prefer the crystal and orb knobs much more than solid orb in your kitchen...)

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Ok, now I'm confused!

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Examples of wood cabinets with crystal knobs. i personally would say that other knobs would work better with your cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful: crystal knobs

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This question got me thinking. Even if most folks wouldn't choose these for your kitchen, if you really love the knobs why don't you pick up a few and try them out? You can just return them if you decide they're not right. Admittedly, this works best if you can pick them up in person and avoid PB's high shipping fees.

I very much respect the advice and knowledge of the posters on this forum. Still, sometimes I think we get too worried about what other people would think. In a way it's a shame to think that we'd have to make major and expensive renovations to incorporate something we'd really like to have; so, no huge remodel, no chance to have that element you love! If you install the knobs, I doubt that people are going to walk into your kitchen and think, "What was she thinking!" If you'd like to walk into the kitchen and think, "Ooh, I love these sparkly knobs!" I'd give it a try.

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Have you thought about using a different color for the glass knobs?

My kitchen is white and all the cabs have ORB knobs & pulls, while the buffet has garnet glass knobs & pulls. Do you have a stand alone piece, either a buffet or sideboard to put them on?

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While they're beautiful crystal knobs I don't think they'd look right with your kitchen.


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I do not know if you should or should not. Only you know that answer. I have dark orginal 1920s doors with glass knobs so they were not orginally only for white doors and cabs. I have a vintage home that came with a 1980s golden oak kitchen that we are still saving to really redo. In the mean time, almost eight years ago, I restained the oak darker and added glass knobs to help give it a more vintage feel. It is not by any means a model kitchen and it is different than the magazine white "vintage" kitchens that are prevalent now, but the knobs made me happier than what was there before.
I have thrown in pics of my dark stained doors with glass knobs and a pic of my wood kitchen, that is similar to yours, so you can see if you think you like the combo. I will not be offended if anyone does not. Style is more than what others like true style is unique and personal and often not everyones cuppa.:)

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roarah - Thanks for the pictures. I don't think it looks bad :)

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I have colored glass knobs in several areas of my house. I have traditional style medium cherry cabinets in my kitchen and have tried the colored knobs on them. I think they are stunning. The only reason I have not yet installed all glass knobs is that I can't make up my mind which color to use! I love them all.

They stay sparkly all by themselves too. When I clean a mirror in a room with glass knobs, sometimes I wipe the knobs off...but they NEVER seem to be dirty and they are always sparkly even without such maintenance.

And msrose, I have never seen the glass knobs in any kitchen I've visited. So I say, if you like them, use them. I can't think of a reason in the world why they would not "go".

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