preparing for the wind/rain/flooding

EATREALFOODOctober 28, 2012


My Dh is very cool so he just asked me to get epsom salts b/c he plans on taking a (aromatherapy)bath. I bought epsom salts(of course), fleece pants(cosy)beer and "D" batteries for my(grundig) radio. That's it.

Hopefully no electric shut down as I have a full freezer !

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Good luck, and stay safe!

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Thanks mama. I am in not any way trying to discount what others along the coast are going through. I was told don't worry about something that hash't happened yet.(my cat is sleeping deeply so I take that as a good sign)

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Elraes Miller

I've always wondered about the animal senses, even though so much is stated that they know ahead of all. When we had a 6.5 earthquake, our 2 dogs never reacted. They thought we were playing when trying to find a safe haven, we were probably running around like idiots. Perhaps some domesticated pets react differently than in the wild.

Stay safe, my son works in MD and they have shut down work. Only rain there at this point.

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I have friends in PA & NJ who are preparing for the worst. I hope it doesn't happen for all of you. Stay safe EatRealFood.

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Update: VERY WINDY, rain has increased. Shops that were open in the early afternoon are closed now, a few restaurants (and bars of course) and bodegas are open. I didn't walk up the block to see if the supermarkets are still open. Quite a few people walking around(like I was) even though the winds are picking up.
I hope no one gets hurt by falling trees and I hope many do not lose their electricity. I am so glad that I have a gas stove not induction.

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yrs ago I was in CA and we had a 4.4 earthquake - and my dogs sensed it. I just didn't 'sense' that they sensed something til it was over. Then I knew why they'd been so weird!

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Well desert, miss puss is sleeping curled up like a bug so I hope this means we will have power until the storm passes. :)

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