introduction and finally about to embark on remodel

euglossaOctober 27, 2010

I've been lurking here awhile as I got ready to start a remodel on my little house. I finally met with a contractor yesterday and await his bid. If I like it and the city gives the go ahead it will all start very soon.

My little house of 554 square feet is going to gain about 200 square feet. I have a lean to shed on the back that will be demolished and rebuilt for a bedroom. If the current foundation passes inspection, which the contractor thought it might, it will be 150 square feet, if not, I'll make the new pad a little larger to 180 square feet.

My current bedroom is an attic loft of about 80 square feet. I hope my budget and the city will allow me to create a shed dormer for a bit more head space and about 30-40 square feet of floor space in the loft. That space will become a weaving and sewing workroom. The ceiling is low, but I am short, so that doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother the building inspector.

Also on the list; new roof, new carport, new windows, doors and siding. It looks promising that my budget will cover most if not all of my wish list. I may have to save up over the winter to get the hardiboard shingle and plank siding I want.

A lot of the finish work will have to come out of my current earnings and my own sweat equity, but the beauty of a tiny space, is nothing really adds up to whole lot of money, even going with upgrades.

I'm most looking forward to having a real closet and laundry at home.


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Welcome, Ellen! You certainly qualify for the 'Small Homes' category! Your project sounds great, and I'm looking forward to following your progress. Hopefully, you can post some pictures, before, during, and after. As for sweat equity, we have some avid DIY folks on here who can help guide you (if you need it!)

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welcome to the forum! do you have some 'before' pics?

I certainly understand the wanting a decent closet and laundry area! I'm really looking forward to both of those in my new place - plus a separate shower - not combined with a tub!

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Good morning Ellen and welcome to this forum of small home dwellers. We live in a tiny 50's cottage that is around 700 sq. ft. Wishing you well with the permits and hope all goes smoothly with the renovation. Do take pictures now before anything happens, during and of course after. It's always amazing to look back on how things were.

I love the idea of your dormer for your weaving and sewing workroom, and having laundry and closet space will be really nice too.


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Hope you enjoy our little forum. It is nice to see so many new small home people showing up. Be sure to post photos before/after. If I don't ask, someone else will.

Flowerlady has an adorable 700 cottage, inside and out.
Link below has pics of her interior.

You have been to the Dec Forum, the gallery has a lot of great photos for smaller. Check there once in a while, I have had some working ideas come from there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flowerlady

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Welcome Ellen! Your house sounds adorable and I too understand about wanting a closet and laundry. When we did our last addition, I made the mistake of not specifying that the closet be inside the house.

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Ellen, so very pleased to see you adding your voice to the forum! We have a great time here, and feel quite happy living small.

So you are a weaver! How neat! A friend in Iowa also weaves, has lots of wool that she clipped from her own sheep...but to make room for their parrot rescue, they rehomed the sheep. She is the most serene person I know.

Let us know how things go with the bid and the permitting process. What you are doing with your shed sounds like the plans we have for OUR back porch with a shed roof. We want ours to become part of the kitchen, and extend it across to enlarge the master bedroom as well. IF I can persuade my DH that it is an economical choice.

Keep on visiting. We like to hear about new small homes.

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thanks for the welcome!

I got the bid and it looks like I will have to save for the hardiplank siding and put it on next spring/early summer, which I expected. I'll meet with the builder in the next few days and iron out some specifics and then it's off to the city. I hear the inspector can be a stickler, so since my loft height is probably under code, it doesn't seem too likely I'll get to change the roof unless I raise it. On the bright side, that leaves money for other things.

I was going to take pictures last weekend, but it was cold and raining. Should be better this weekend.

I've been thinking hard about all the changes/options I want before we get started...which side of the doors to place switches and so on.


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Hi Ellen!

Welcome. This is an awesome board full of friendly people. Your project sounds like fun and I can't wait to hear more about it. You're smart to be thinking about all those little things you want done. There are so many decisions to be made during a remodel that the more you think about it ahead of time, the more prepared you'll be when they are doing it and you don't risk holding up the project.

We're in the midst of a remodel ourselves and well, maybe I'm not the best person to talk about remodels right now. We're just at that stage where we're not sure we can take it anymore. But I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.

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Hello Ellen, I have been tied up with work. Sorry I am late to the party. So glad you have joined us We love pictures and projects.


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Welcome, Ellen!
You project sounds exciting, and I can't wait to see the progress photos! Having a sewing space sounds like a true luxury to me. I hope you'll visit us often.

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