$49.99 a good price for quartz countertop?

WagmoreMay 1, 2013

New poster, but have lurked for a long time gathering all sorts of helpful information!
We got a quote of 49.99 s.f. (sale price) from Lowes for their Viatera quartz. This is the installed price including cutout for cooktop. Sink cut/install is additional $295. I have absolutely no idea if this is good or not. I've called around to a few places, but can't seem to get any pricing without submitting an official quote request. Can someone give me an idea how this price stacks up against "normal" pricing for quartz? I appreciate any feedback...thank you!

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Yes - in my area (SF Bay Area) that would be a good price.


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Sorry...probably should have mentioned location: we are in NH. Thanks for the quick reply Bonnie!

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Yes. I was quoted about $75/sq ft for Cambria. They don't quote by the sq ft, but by the job, but since I can do long division I figured it out :)

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very good price

my guess is it's a promotional price as I think this is the "new" name for quartz from LG.

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If you like it, jump on it. I didn't find anything even remotely close to that price.

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very good price here in Columbus Ohio. I got my Silestone for $52 on sale at HD. I wanted the Viatera 'natural limestone' but it was much more.

I have already seen that prices vary a great deal by region, so you have to compare with other stores in your area.
Do you have HD in your area? They are running a 10% off promotion right now in this region.

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Thank you for all the replies. We checked out HD tonight (thanks raee), but they were higher even with the 10%. So on the way home, we stopped at Lowes and ordered the counters. Cabinets and counters down...now on to the floors!

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We have the lg in silver lake. We bought it last year for the same price. But, got a free sink/install. I purchased my own sink and asked if I could still get the sink they provided (to give to a friend remodeling). It ended up being okay, but the installer didn't want to do it. They wanted the money for the install since they have so many sinks or something to that effect.

Lowes made it right and sent me a gc for my problems. Even more important, the installer didn't put the sink in the middle of my window. It was off center. Originally, I wanted it pulled out and redone. At first, the installer wouldn't do it. I consulted gw and they told me that it wasn't really that important. (and, it really isn't.) So, I went back and asked if they could get me more money off. Lowes got the installer to send me a check for 500. The installer offered me 200 initially.

That being said. I have been extremely pleased with the lowes final installation or whatever department. They were all over the problems I had and I would highly recommend them. The installer, though one of the largest ones in this area, wasn't responsive or even helpful. My parents also got the same deal and had installation problems. Lowes made it right again.

I do like our countertops. Everyone thinks that they are the more expensive brands. We only have 45 sq or so. I paid 2200 total after discounts. (Not including the sink I wanted that I got from galaxy tool supply and including the 500 back.) I've been very happy. And, I think we got a great deal. They quoted me 1800 (I believe) for corian or corian like stuff. Now, we do have some nicks in the surface now. I don't know if that is the nature of the product or what. My mom has had them come back to fill in the nicks. But, I haven't. I don't really plan on it either. Just an fyi.

Also, I went to several granite yards and those dealing in quartz. None could touch the price I paid for at lowes. Even HD was higher. The cheapest granite (just NVG was 65 sf.) Your area might be different, though. We live in NE indiana, not quite the mecca for design.

Also, I've heard of some that have been able to swing the 10% off coupon for moving at lowes. Or, the 10% for military But, we couldn't. You might try.

Good luck!

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