kiki22October 11, 2010

A found this interesting thread under the organization section. I really like the idea. I'm going to go with a top 7 though. 7 is a number of completion for me.

Does anyone else already do this?

Here is a link that might be useful: De-Cluttering Top 10 (or Top 7)

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Will take a look a little later.
I watch HOARDERS every Monday night on A&E channel.
It is totally scary, and makes you throw things away.

You can also watch this on your computer. Full episodes.

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hehe, I always toss stuff after watching one of those episodes. And Hoarders: Buried Alive.

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I've been following that thread but I toss things and don't write it down. Then I sit at the computer and can't remember what I've tossed. I guess just knowing that I'm doing it matters.

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LOL Kiki, I did go over and read for just a bit and had to comment. This is a great thread. I have gone through this house so many times I do not think I can do a toss ten or even 5 a day. I can not really count actual trash as tossing it is automatic.

Going to have to think really hard on what to get into to start to toss. I think I am decluttered already. Never thought I could get this far. I do have three things to go to the thrift store but usually wait until there is a box full to make it worth while going so far out of the way to get there.

Was a fun read. OH Wait I did tell DH to go ahead and cut up two old towels for his shop rags.


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I started last night and plan to do this every day. By the time I move and start unpacking, I'm sure I'll be tossing way more than the 7...

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I probably eat at least 10 things a day- does that count? Seriously- it sounds like a good idea, especially since we need to start thinning out anyway.

I'd probably do better at getting rid of 70 things on the weekend, since my week days are pretty crowded already.

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hehe you guys are all so great!

I cleaned out 7 things from my nightstand drawer right before bedtime (because I forgot to do it earlier). I think this will work for me because it feels like less pressure to just toss a few things every day, instead of waiting until I feel like tackling something. Because that doesn't happen often! Especially stuff shoved away in drawers...

Chris, at least for us tossing trash is automatic. Yay! Have you watched an episode of Hoarders yet? Some of those people can't even toss away the trash!

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OH YES Kiki I was a hoarder. Not a filthy one but I could pack more into a cupboard then any one I know. This is why I have gone through everything so many times and all is gone but what I use. Took me about 13 years but I think I can say I am totally dehoarded. So happy about it too.

but I did buy a little cottage picture today. Sigh. LOL BUT I have and knew I had the perfect place for it in my cottage house pictures collection OH I do have some collections but even they are drastically thinned.

The show hoarders keeps me on track. Really a great show like ML says to keep my hear on straight about all the stuff.


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Chris, I'd love to see the cottage picture you bought -- if you feel like posting it.

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Great thread! I will have to find time to finish reading it. Have any of you used the book linked below? I started it over the summer but ran out of time to finish before we started packing the house for sale/storage. She counts each "thing" as a set. For example-- all of your magazines, or all of your old nail polish. Each is only one thing. I started with keeping the list then got so busy tossing that I quit writing them down. It did feel good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Throw out fifty things

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OK Kiki You asked for it. LOL We have company so my days are not on schedule. This is the little cottage picture I bought for $2.00 yesterday. I know more crapola. But there was this spot that was crying for it . New picture is #99 and whole group is 100. I knew when I saw it it had to come home with me.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cottage picture

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Oh I LOVE the picture! Great shape -- it's painted onto a piece of wood, right? Lovely!

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Yes Kiki it is on a slice of tree. Bark still on it too. I like the way she painted the clouds onto the edges. It is just a fun piece. Soon I will have a whole subdivision of cottages. Heheheheh

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good luck with your decluttering kiki! great idea to do it before the move and pare down. I used to be a hoarder and had to learn how to get rid of stuff it was so hard for me but I've been at it for a few years now so I can usually see and toss things on the fly now. It feels so good to purge stuff and have space.

Think of how much less stuff you'll need to pack before the move!

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Since I arrived up "nawth," I've been clearing out space for the stuff I brought with me. That means in the family room, kitchen, dining room, and the study.

Today it was the study. I took down all the old VCR tapes, and will give most of them to the couple next door, who still use a VCR to record shows off the cable. They do not subscribe, it is another neighbor who allows them to record from her connection. The number of tapes is about 30.
I also found a bag of electronic connectors and cables and old TV owner's manuals. Except for the short USB printer cables, I tossed all of them. And then I sorted through all the old printer ink cartridges, and 13 of them were ready to recycle for credit at Staples; so that was a happy way to reduce the cost of a small printer for DH's laptop. I also cleared off about 6 shelves in the closet here in the is a long closet, and seems to attract junk like a magnet. A quadrille pad full of obsolete drawings for house projects went in the trash. They were so yesterday. And in the bedroom closet, I turned a number of old t-shirts into cleaning rags to make room for my warm winter clothing. It is sure getting cold.

I hope it counts that I cleaned out the fridge? That box was a MESS. Now it is easier to pull out what you need. But has anyone else ever noticed how PICKLE JARS seem to multiply when the fridge door closes? Amazing. I can eat all the dill pickle spears I want...or can stand...and that took away one squatty jar.

Of course, I also visited the local Jones Nursery and bought several sizes of pumpkins and a couple of bundles of corn stalks to decorate the front stoop. But that will wait until Monday, unless this wind quits blowing. I know it adds to totally unnecessary stuff in the house/property. But I've never had the chance to do something like pumpkins and corn, and it might be my last chance to do it. After it is all over, I'll just drop those items into the compost pile, or toss them on the brush pile hidden behind some rocks....that way the rabbits or mice or chipmunks/whatever can eat the seeds if the winter gets long and hard. I also noticed deer tracks in the front flower bed today.

Anyway, the study looks better with less clutter to catch the eye.

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