question on using panel ready bosch 800 dishwasher without panel

scrappy25May 23, 2013

Kitchen remodel STILL pending.

Old dishwasher now leaking,

Lightly used panel ready Bosch 800 dishwasher sitting in garage.

Can we install that and use it without the front panel?

If not what cheap front panel can get us through a few more months?

Handyman or plumber? We would like to get rid of the air gap if new dw istalled but I'd have a hole in my sink edge.


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I'm using mine without the panel right now, while we await the arrival of the panel. It is also missing the toe kick. I think it is all pretty much cosmetic (just some clips and some Velcro, seriously...)

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We used our Bosch 800 integrated dishwasher without panels for a while because MB couldn't get their act together. There is a small recess on the front that you can pull down with. Be ready, the springs and hinges are meant to work with the weight of a 3/4" wooden panel, so it springs back hard and fast. Also, unless there is something in the bottom rack it will the door will pop up. Just be gentle, pull from the middle.

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Thanks gooster and Whit461! Good to know it can be used without a panel. Goofdwarning about the fast springs.

Anyone with ideas for a cheap temporary panel so it is not too much of an eyesore for a few months?

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There are adjustment screws for the door panel located in the front, by the feet (look at the install manual). You can temporarily loosen the tension, and then tighten again when the panel is applied. It should be in your install kit. Otherwise, as Whit461 points out, it will not stay down properly.

You can probably just use some colored plastic with velcro strips if the grey color disturbs you, or you can order a stainless panel from Bosch (their web site sells parts and accessories directly).

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thanks for letting me know about the adjustment screws. that should solve the problem. Appreciate it!

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Cheap temporary panel: IKEA!

We did this with DW drawers. Had to use a magnet to open them and eventually spent 5 bucks on two almost right-sized panels in their cheapest cheap melamine and cheap pulls. Had them for a while in the finished kitchen too while the cabinet maker made the new panels (He wanted to measure after installation.).

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