If you were searching for a bench/settee/loveseat like this

marti8aOctober 26, 2009

This is Chris' inspiration picture she posted on another thread. I have been searching CL for weeks looking for something similar, but I think my search terms aren't good.

With loveseat, I come up with mainly upholstered pieces. With settee I come up with camel back loveseats, and with bench I come up with garden benches.

How would you search?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I tried wicker to the mix and got two in our area.


I was thinking patio furniture. I believe my couch is considered Rattan. Not positive on that.

I also bought a love seat for the living room when we got rid of the couch and I had to go through pages of CL adds. Finally had to get a new one.


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Thanks Chris. I had found a couple like the wicker one. The problem will be finding one with a seat high enough for a table.

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My little couch had two foam cushions. One for the seat one for the back. Since they were the same size I laid them on on top of the other with that rubber non slip shelf liner between them. Then I made a third cushion for the back. This is how I got it high enough.


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Marti8a, what that is in your inspiration picture is a settee. Unfortunately people who post in Cl often do not know the names for the things they list, so using "settee" may not bring up all the settees listed. You are probably just going to have to sort through things listed under "bench" and "loveseat" to find your settee.

Believe it or not, on CL one must search for "Chip and Dale" chairs and things that have been "rose mauled". You'd be surprised how many listings for "coach" there are along with every variation imaginable for "amoire".

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Marti8a, what about Deacon's Benches? These type of benches are not comfortable for everyday sitting, but if you are only going to use it for dinner/supper it may be fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deacon's Bench

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I like that Loretta! It's really what I had in mind.

DillyDally, I've been searching for every mis-spelling I can think of too. I did find a couple similar to the one Loretta posted, but they were under dealer and I usually search by owner. I've learned to search under loveseat, love seat, luvseat, etc. lol

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