Steamer Trunk

Pamelad1May 17, 2004

Isn't it great!

Image link:

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Hi Pam,
It looks GREAT :-)

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beautiful trunk!!! i love those old trunks. i have my grandmother's round top trunk and a flat topped one. also my mom's blue metal trunk. what to do with them.

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I have my dads old trunk - got a piece of plexiglass cut to fit the top, use it as a side table.

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I have one too, I love it! I use it in my livingroom to
set plants and pictures and a candle on. It holds my blankets and bedding for my spare room.


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Never met a trunk, chest or box I didn't like. Yours is a very pretty one and a wonderful color.

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I am kicking myself right where it hurts on a steamer truck I got rid of. I had found it just around the corner one night and brought it home. I put it in the basement and could smell the musty odor from it and finally said, it's not worth trying to fix up so I threw it in the trash. That whole morning long I thought about that beautiful curved top truck and thought, "you idiot, you could have put it outside covered up to protect from the elements and then in the spring using top soil in it to display outside as a planter." I hurried home at lunchtime and sure enough the trashmen had already come. I have another I found and will definitely do that with it, but the top is flat. Next time I will know better.


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