SALE: 15% off on Kraus at Express Decor

jscoutMay 29, 2011

Just saw this and didn't see it posted, so here it goes. is have a nice 15% off sale on all Kraus items. It goes on all weekend until Tuesday at 10am EDT. I just scored a faucet/sink package that I've been watching.

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great...just bought a Kraus sink from them last week

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Labor Day 15% off sale.
use code LABOR15 at checkout.

I was looking for a Kraus 32" sink and saw a GW's suggestion on expressdecor.
15%off is the cherry on top.


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We ordered our faucet last September, and just missed the Labor Day weekend 15% off. We still got 10% off though. Expressdecor always has coupon codes for 5% to 15% off, though 15% is more rare.

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I would love opinions on this sink - faucet combo. I'm thinking of ordering it this evening while it is 15% off.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for posting this. After all my agonizing and finally deciding to go with my big pre-rinse style faucet, we (husband and I together) decided NOT to get it right now... We're both still afraid it will look too over the top, plus we're really starting to feel the sticker shock right now and are trying to save money wherever we can. We decided to get a cheap faucet that we wouldn't mind changing out in a year or two, and found this much smaller, less expensive but still kind-of pre-rinse style one by Kraus... Hubby likes it, I'm on the edge because it feels like sort-of getting what I want, but not, you know? But 15% off was enough to push me off the edge :D so I ordered it Saturday w/ the coupon code.

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1. expressdecor has 15% off right now
(no, I am not affiliated w/ them).
2. my sink arrived from expressdecor: LOVE IT!!!
it is beautiful big and gorgeous!


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