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zandraOctober 8, 2006

delvo might take interest in this one. I agree that it would be cheaper and more fun to have my little airplane hangar kit delivered and have my mom's friend's kid and his friend put it up, etc etc. But I have been checking out all the alternative home builders I can that seem to produce things small (by that I mean inexpensive)-enough to fit into my dream. Here's a site that builds those giant shipping crates that they use on cargo ships and then outfits them into one or two bedroom homes. they look like a big long metal box, but with the right landscaping and creative paint?

I wonder about the flat roof and the amount of rain in my area. I also continue to doubt very much about the building codes in my area allowing this. I doubt it is what I will actually do, it's still pretty neat and innovative in the world of affordable, long-lived maintainable housing. It is one of the strongest disaster proof structures a homeowner could ever have. something to think about.

The Link:

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Very interesting link.

I know there are people who have bought old shipping containers and converted them to homes. I wonder about insulation -- if these wouldn't get awfully hot or cold.

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I saw a manufactured home on Small Spaces, Big Style that was amazing. It looked nothing like the manufactured homes that may come to mind. I think it was a metal house and most of the sides were gigantic floor to ceiling windows. It was 2 bedroom, 1000 sf and was so well designed it looked huge on the inside. I can't find it on the program's site, but it was very stylish.

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I read an article on this recently -- I too had questions about living in an uninsulated steel building, but the article said there were many insulated containers, due to the high number of refrigerated perishable items that are shipped world-wide. The photos of housing were actually quite attractive; some were stacked, some were set in U- or L-shapes.

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