Making over our small rambler

kitchen_mamanOctober 12, 2012

I have been lurking here for some time now. I thought I would introduce myself! We live in a small 1951 rambler. It is about 1125 sq ft with three bedrooms and one bath. We love our neighborhood, our location, our school system and our little house.

We have decided to really make it ours. We decided that we wanted a dedicated dining room and a master bath and walk in closet. After lots of interviews then lots of reworks with our architects and finally settling with the bank, we are adding about 500 sq feet to make our little house just a bit larger. Our house has fabulous bones; We cannot wait for the transformation. Construction begins Monday.

We used to live in 2400 sq ft. and I thought it was just too much. it took a little getting used to the small space, but it will be strange to have more again! I love the smaller space. I was hoping to be able to share my experiences with others who love their small spaces!

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Congratulations on embarking on a journey I promise you'll be thrilled you took when it's all finished. I can't guarantee how you'll feel in the middle of it, but I know you'll love it when it's done. Can't wait to follow your progress.

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Thank you! We are currently looking for a place to stay. We are opening the whole house up with our dining room in the back of kitchen, a wall of windows and French doors. Of course, because it is small it is just two windows and the doors! We are using a salvaged fire place surround that is just beautiful.

I always say that just because it is small doesn't mean it can't be magnificent. I have seen some really beautiful spaces here and I look forward to creating my own. :)

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I live in 1800 sq ft and love it. I have more room in my house than I did in my downstairs of our two-story house in Virginia. We didn't use the upstairs except for guests so the house didn't feel large to me on the first floor.

Now we have 3 beds and two baths with one being in the Master suite with WIC. I love the space. We have our MBed at one end of the house and you cannot hear the 'life and noises' on the other side of the house with the public rooms. We are in Florida (mid East coast) and love the views out of all our windows. We are also making it 'ours' since this is our retirement house (DH retires in 7 yrs so we started early). I love customizing to 'our' needs and knowing we are not moving from here by choice.

I will be WATCHING for your updates and seeing your project develop! How EXCITING!

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I've never heard the term "rambler". What does that mean?

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Welcome kitchen_maman. We always enjoy a good renovation. Or even just to visit. Pictures are great too so please take lots.

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Welcome kitchen_maman! Sounds like you are going to make a neat house even better. I know you will love your new master suite. We love to see pictures too!

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School house, a rambler is what they call a ranch here in MD. I didn't hear that until I saw house hunters. When I got here, we asked what the difference was and we were told "none!"

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Well now, learn something every day. Thanks!

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