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Samantha111October 2, 2011

My main entry opens into the living room. I was planning on putting tile there instead of wood because I don't have a mud room and it's a pain to worry about wood floors. I notice a lot of people are using wood in their foyers. I like the way wood and a rug looks but am concerned about how practical wood is in rain and snow as a main entrance. The rug would have to be butted up against the door to protect the whole area. I don't want to be wiping up drips every time I come in. I was looking forward to having a durable entry to not have to worry about but afraid a patch of tile will stick out like a sore thumb. I'm also not finding a tile that I'm sure would look great there. I've got one that I like but am not sure about the whole set up. I don't want it to look like an apartment entry. Someone close to me told me to just put wood in with a rug so I'm getting cold feet again. I've known people that even had wood in their laundry/mud room entrance but those were good solid 3/4" wood floors. This is a thinner 3/8" engineered although it seems to be pretty good quality.

If you have wood in your main entry, how does it hold up? Is it solid 3/4 inch? How do you protect or care for it there? Would you prefer something more durable after having lived with it?

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I don't really have an entry either, just opens into the front room. My floors are wood there, and the room is really too small to carve out a piece of the floor for any other material. What I do is keep small rugs there, and make them the kind I can pop into the washer as needed. Like the cotton bath mats when it is bad weather, something more decorative when it is pretty or we expect company.

If your room is small, having a tile area will make it look even smaller. Plus, if there is a seam or molding around it, that will make it even more difficult to keep it clean.
If you can at all do so, have a pretty good mat OUTSIDE the front door, so feet can be wiped there before entry.

This is one of the most problematical concerns with our smaller homes it seems. Everyone does not have room for a formal entry. I'm sure other folks will step forward to give you their ideas too.

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