matchstick blinds

sandyhills1May 27, 2004

Heres the blind I need to cut.(I have about 10 to cut)

Image link:

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Hi Sandy,
An idea might be to measure how much you want to cut off, then half it and take the same amount off each side using a jigsaw.
Hope this helps :-)

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Would love some of those to use on a ceiling. Hardly ever see them used in our area.


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ashli would you use them on a ceiling?...and how would you get them to stay there?

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looks like Timothy did not answer. Christopher Lowell has used them on ceilings (as well as others) to cover up a bad uneven ceiling or to get a tropical look. You can staple them up, glue them up. but either way, use strips of wood along the outside and sides and ends to secure or finish off.

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