What's fall look like in your area?

lavender_lassOctober 26, 2011

Here's a quick picture of our apple tree. We decided to pick the apples yesterday and I'm so glad we did...it got down to 14 degrees last night! Also, don't forget to stop by and have tea, on the Conversations side. I need suggestions on what to bake, with all these apples. LOL From Lavender's Garden

What's fall look like, in your part of the country?

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oh, like summer and winter. spring is usually a bit greener and also has some colorful blooms.

it's not as hot as summer tho - or as cold as winter can be some days/nights. it's high 80's/low 90's most days now.

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LOL Steph. We're not into fall yet, unless you count the trees killed by the drought. But it's supposed to be cold tomorrow, high of 58, so the trees might start turning. I do have a lot of flowers blooming right now and will go take some pictures.

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We get a little color, not like back east.

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Wow, that's a beautiful picture! :)

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It is finally getting colorful up here in northern MA. The drive up to New Hampshire last weekend really gave some lovely views of the yellowest trees, black bark shining through. Overall, the warmer temps have disturbed the normal frost dates....we here usually have first frost on Oct 10, but so far not a sign of frost. That cold nip is what does the leaf change.

And of course, in Alabama, where daytime temps have been about 80 for the most part, and nights occasionally down to the low 40s, we seldom have any color. I planted one small ghinkgo biloba tree because it turns such a butter yellow, but it is about shoulder height after 5 years, not a fast growing species.

I love your view of the apple tree, Lav, and OldGardener, I'd really like to do some wading in those shallows but stay out of the woods.

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the pics are beautiful! I do love the change of colors in the fall - just don't see it anymore.

guess my post sounded weird - it is weird here tho if you're not used to it. It's basically the same for 3 seasons except the temps. In spring - if we got a good rain - we'll have lots of desert blooms tho. That is really beautiful especially since we don't normally have them. The ironwoods bloom in about May and they're a purplish color - love that.
i could take a pic but it wouldn't look different than any other season.
I guess that's why there are times that I have to really think as to what season is ahead of us... I lose track.

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Didn't sound weird to me. We don't have four distinct seasons either. Spring and fall are about the same temperature and the plants grow about the same. Fall and winter look about the same too, with yellow grass, shriveled foliage, the only difference is the temperature. At least it's tolerable in winter.

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Well, here in upstate NY it is wet-snowing!!! This is way too early!!!! It will all be melted tomorrow, but is this a harbinger of things to come????

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Marti- Pretty shrub..what is it? :)

Wantoretire- Snowing already? That is early!

Steph- Spring sounds pretty, with the flowers blooming.

ML- Do you have any pictures, of your little tree?

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LL, it's a confetti lantana.

It snowed in the Texas panhandle today too. It sounds early now, but I do remember trick or treating while is was snowing when I was a kid.

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This skinny little red maple is growing in our woods in SC. The morning sun hit it just right the other day- it glows! Believe it or not, this is an un-touched photo, just as I took it. In SC, we've been down to 34 at our property this year.

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That's gorgeous Jay. How about an update on your progress?

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I see you already did that. Looks great.

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OH Pretty fall pictures. Will have to see if there are any fall looking pictures to take around town. We have had several killing frosts in the last week.

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For the rest of you folks who have not given us the state of your weather, hang on tight.

Tonight I'm expecting that unpleasant storm now wreaking havoc in Pennsylvania to reach us tonight. In fact, DH went shopping today and said there was a traffic jam in the town center folks busy getting supplies for a likely power outage. I don't know why he was there, but he came back with bananas and milk for his breakfast. And now he is running the generator and the snow blower. Good grief, I am sitting here shivering too, there is a chill in the air inside as well. I have the extra blankets ready to cover the bird cages. Not that it will be extremely LOW temps, but if we have no power, and the oil fired heating system does not work in the bird region's thermostat, then I want to keep them cozy. No problem with the dogs....they know how to cuddle down under the warm covers.

Hopefully all the cold spell will go away quickly so I can in two weeks load up our PODS without tromping through snow and ice. Cold weather is so MISERABLE. I'm a warm climate person. sigh....

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NY and it's been snowing today. We're expecting 2-4 inches tonight, but it should all melt away after. With the leaves still on the trees, there are broken branches and power outages throughout the area.

This is much too early for snow!

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MHillgal, you said it!!! MUCH too early. The trees still had leaves on them. And in our back yard next to the house, we had over 8 inches of the wet heavy snow, looked like a mattress on my chaise lounge. A mulberry tree kept leaning further and further, until it fell and the branch was across my car. DH went out and cut it off, but that stub still hangs there. And the tall gnarly locust trees all along the street broke and fell across the power lines. We got our power back Thursday, about 2 pm, and what a blessing it was. The response by National Grid was criminally negligent, did not show up until the weekday, and only worked during the daylight until 4pm. So far there is news that one elderly woman in western MA died in her home from no heat. I am furious about the lack of timely response to this weather anomaly.

So here are a few of my pictures taken over the last week. We've just about burned up our entire supply of firewood. Before this, we were trying to give it away. :)

And this is my favorite one of all....the little Reliance peach tree standing up to it all.

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Wow ML, that's a lot of snow already. Can't believe the electric company worked such short hours. Are they short-handed or low on funds?

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ML- How awful! That's a lot of snow, to still have so many leaves on the trees. Ours are finally falling, so at least we won't have that problem. No snow yet, but it's supposed to snow Sunday.

The power companies up north do not always work as hard as they should, during a weather crisis. We don't have the high heat (normally) which I think is much more dangerous, especially for older people without their AC. However, there's no excuse for some poor woman dying, because she didn't have heat! That's just criminal. So many of our older people don't have anyone to look out for them and make sure they're okay, when we have these kinds of problems. How very sad.

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Marti, the response from National Grid (electric folks who run just about the entire east coast electric system and headquartered in NC) had already contracted their work crews out to other states, and so the crews were just not here....although the folks who pay the power bill each month were contracted to have power restored as quickly as possible. Suffice it to say, there is a lot of investigation into this matter, they think it is the result of the fine state of MA levying a big fine on Natl Grid following their lack of response in the tornado outbreak earlier this year. They did NOT respond. Big business asserting its power to do as it pleases, hang the public.

There was an 86 y.o. woman who died in her chair in her living room, succumbing to the cold and no power or heat before her son could get to her. This whole episode is infuriating to me, and totally depressing. Deregulating big corporations, whose only goal is profit at the expense of the community, has got to be stopped. Wake up America before you sell your soul to the company store.

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Finally getting a fall picture. Winter in the background with snow on the mountain. Sorry it is so grainy. I am not photographer.

This is what got me out to take the picture. A cool full moon rising in early evening.

Great fall pictures. ML it looks like you skipped fall. that is a wee bit of snow there. Burrr Even though I love the snow.

Jay your leaves are Gorgeous and LL those apples look Delicious.

Olgardner such a dreamy setting. I would love to be sitting on that bank with a thermos of coffee.

Marti I LOVE Lantana. I used to have it when we lived in California. I do not think it grows here. Maybe as an annual.

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Fall color? What's that?? We're still in the 70's, stuff is blooming finally after our scorcher/drought of a summer! What fall color we will finally get when it decides to freeze is a yucky yellow color. I envy y'all in the fall, but Texas is where it's at, LOL!

Just kidding. I grew up in Montana, absolutely gorgeous natural beauty like LL has and we here will never attain...

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