Reveal of my kitchen remodel

strayerdarbMay 14, 2014

First of all THANK YOU! I never could have done this without the help of all the generous GWers.

There are a few things left to do: window coverings, put my everyday china in the glass cabinets, choose counter stools. Next we will update the adjacent family room with stone surround on the fireplace, redo the TV cabinet and choose new furniture. But if I wait until the whole area is done I'll never do a reveal. Had to snap pics before we messed up the kitchen!

Sorry I was a goofball and did not take any "before" pictures. It was a white kitchen, but almost everything was broken, a big light box on ceiling, strange shaped island, no venting, and a skinny peninsula that stuck out into the greatroom serving no purpose but to block people getting to the back door. So here is my new kitchen.


Cabinets: Custom by a local cabinet maker: Paint grade maple, frameless full overlay, full extension soft-close drawers and soft close cabinets.

Paint: SW Pearly White on perimeter; SW Black Magic on island; SW Monorail Silver on walls

Countertops: Leathered antique brown granite on perimeter, window sills, and cooktop recess; polished white macaubus quartzite on island

Basksplash: 3 x 6 honed marble tiles; a mix of marble, glass and split stone strips for recess

Lighting: Pottery barn pendants, Kitchler under-cabinet and in-cabinet LED lights

Hardware: Jeffrey Alexander Bremen pull and Durham knobs

Floors: Kept existing oak floors, spliced in new wood where needed and refinished in a stained called coffee brown

Hood: Vent-a-hood BHDSLD 34 3/8"

Cooktop: Bosch 800 36" Induction Cooktop

Microwave: Cheapo small microwave in cabinet with pocket doors

Ovens: Electrolux 30" Double Wall Ovens and Warming Drawer

Ice Maker: Kitchen Aid 15" Built-in Ice maker with internal pump

Refridgerator: Old Subway 601 R that was here when we moved in and still going strong, put new panel on it.

Dishwasher: Kitchen Aid KUDE70FXSS that we already had

Sink: Kohler Riverby 33" single bowl enameled cast iron white

Faucet: Delta Trinsic Touch pull-down in shiny chrome, Delta soap pump

Filtration faucet: Mountain plumbing filter faucet

Trash: Rev-a-Shelf double trash pull out in island

View of kitchen as you come in through the greatroom:

Going in a circle...
Standing near sink looking into greatroom:

Oven wall and desk area, I need a new chair!

Oven wall:

Fridge and Cooktop side:

Cooktop with recess:

Sink area:

The end of the circle:

Kids' stack: they actually make their own snacks and lunches now:

Thanks again! Now on to the next project...

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How light and airy!
It's hard to imagine the 'before' as you describe.
I wouldn't get a new chair. I'd paint it one of the colors in your room! It's perfect for this cool, clean space.

You did a fantastic job and it looks beautiful.

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Lovely kitchen. What a bright and airy space. Especially love your divided transoms.

Would lot to see a straight on photo from the vantage point of the kitchen table, end of the island.

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What a beautiful space. Love your all finishes and the recessed area behind your cooktop. How nice to have so many windows in your kitchen, dinning and family room areas. I am also jealous of your outside views.
Wishing you lots of good times in your new kitchen.

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Thanks! Here is a straight on view of the island from before things were done, but it shows you the coloration of the quartzite.

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Your kitchen is gorgeous. I love your cabinets - your carpenter did a great job. And the stones are perfect with the cabinets.

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Gorgeous. It perfectly compliments the layout/architecture of your home, which is amazing, by the way. I agree about painting the chair- some chalk paint would make that chair a perfect fit!

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So pretty and welcoming! You did a great job putting it all together. I love the colors.

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Oh I love everything about it!!! Counters, backsplash, cabinets, windows...oh the WINDOWS! What a nice bright, beautiful kitchen. Great job!

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Hello Gorgeous!!!! It's really beautiful. I'm not a person who typically likes a desk in the kitchen, but yours totally works for me. Well done!

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Beautiful! Love the windows, island stone and the kids stack is a brilliant idea!

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Lovely! and those windows!

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"Paint: SW Pearly White on perimeter; SW Black Magic on island; SW Monorail Silver on walls"

Very pretty. Can you please tell me what "paint" was used on the cabs please? There are lots of types of SW paints.


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Really love the island and the shelves by the sink. What a wonderful kitchen you get to enjoy!

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First thing that hits me: WINDOWS, WINDOWS, WINDOWS!
They are far and beyond the best feature of this kitchen!

Love them.

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Absolutely beautiful. If I were you, it would be very difficult to leave that side of the house. Gorgeous kitchen with amazing views.

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You have an amazing house with killer views. The new kitchen is a perfect complement to the house. Everything flows perfectly. My favorite is the view, number two, the windows, and third is everything in the kitchen. By the way, your painting on the range hood is quite lovely. I like the placement.

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What a lovely space! I love the color combinations, and the materials go really well together.

Also, I'm in the middle of our remodel right now, and freaking out about whether or not I'll like the finished product. I've chosen many similar elements to what you have, so seeing yours looking so gorgeous has helped soothe me a lot! Congratulations on your beautiful new kitchen!

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Strayer, wow! Your windows, light, views are wonderful. The entire kitchen is lovely. I especially appreciate the kid stack. Kids that make their own lunches and snacks! And your great room is very welcoming. Enjoy your beautiful space! Jennifer

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Light and airy, gently colorful, perfectly congruent with the rest of the house... terrific job! I love the transom windows and love the two glass door cabinets making the artistic/architectural statement on that wall. Kewl.

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Gorgeous! Love all the windows you have!

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Strayer congratulations it looks amazing!!! Ive been hoping to catch a reveal from you, I remember we had a lot of similar elements and I always remember your white macaubus island top, we loved that stone every time we saw it.
That is one amazingly beautiful space, I love everything you did!

I really love the niche behind the range, the granite window ledges, and the hood cabinetry with the artwork there, really makes your kitchen special and unique.

How are the countertops for cleaning?
Great job, enjoy!!!!!

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Love the island, backsplash and tile niche. More pictures please... Great job!

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Wowza, looks amazing! That recess is about the only thing that would ever make me seriously consider a cooktop or slide-in range.

I agree with CEFreeman, paint that chair! I choose orange. :)

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What are the dimensions of your island?

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WOW! Absolutely gorgeous! Nice job in all respects.

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Sweet! I am intrigued by the cabinet with the drawers and doors to the left of your refrigerator (in the two photos Fridge and Cooktop side and Cooktop with recess). Did you design it? Are there shelves in the cabinets? What do you keep in those drawers and cabinets? What are its dimensions? Enjoy your beautiful new space with that wonderful view.

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Thank you for all the nice comments.

I can't take credit for the window placement because they were here when we moved in 15 years ago, but they were bowing inward, leaking rain into the house, so we replaced them with double paned picture windows right away.

On the paint, I can't remember the name of the SW paint base but it was an oil paint and the painter tented/taped/sealed everything up and sprayed in the house.

On the desk, I tried to think of a way to not have it, but I don't want the kids to have computers in their rooms and they use that area for homework. There's a wireless printer on a nearby laundry room counter. And there's an electrical outlet with USB ports in the drawer for charging all the phones/tablets. When we have parties, there's less to move/hide as before.

Thanks Cindy. I spend a lot of time in here, but lately it has felt a lot more pleasant. We've got 4 kids and a huge (24 and growing) local family (local meaning half within walking distance and the rest less than 5 miles). They're over here all time which is great. They didn't mind the ugly disfunctional kitchen, but I did.

Cal quail, I will tell my cabinet maker your comment. He added that because he said the side of the cabinet and the return of the moulding would be very severe in that area because of the angles of the room, and he suggested adding those to soften that area. I now have one very useful mortar and pestle on the low shelf, and above that I put some beautiful crystal pieces from my Grandmother.

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Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. I love all the natural light, the workspace, the niche/shelf over the cooktop… Really nice. Congratulations!

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I was so nervous about this reveal, but you guys are making me feel better.

The original idea was to put a work of art or carving or something like that over the hood. The painting there is my 11 year old's painting from art class. I plunked it up there, and I can't take it down now, I love it so much!

I had a freak out moment the other morning when I saw a wine ring on the white counter, left overnight (and I think it was port!). One easy swipe of a little water on a towel and it was gone. Same thing for the dark countertop. Of course they are sealed; so far everything has been cleaning up beautifully.

Orange has been my favorite color for decades. Now that it's "in" I see it everywhere. I have a friend who has used chalk paint on a few things. I will ask her to help me paint that chair orange right away.

The island is 8' by 4' with a clipped corner by the sink. One good thing is that we were able to do an overhang on 2 sides rather than lining the kids up on one side like a diner.

To the left of the fridge is a stack of cabinetry. My DH only asked for 1 thing in the remodel - a place for the blender and juicer where he didn't have to get down on his hands and knees and dig around in the cabinets to find them. So this 36" stack has, from bottom to top: a large drawer for slow cooker, roasting pan, other large things; a large drawer for juicer, big cuisinart, little cuisinart, stove top popcorn popper, blender, other small appliances, all standing up and together, no digging required; shallow drawer with waffle maker, sandwich press, rolling pins, other flat-ish things; shallow drawer with plastic wraps, foil, zip bags; then a cabinet for the hidden microwave with pocket doors (which I hardly use anymore because the induction cooktop is so amazing); then above that a regular cabinet.


Pocket doors closed:

I know it seems like a waste of space for a small cheap MW, but I didn't want to do a built in one, so this is what we came up with. And it's out of my way, so the kids can access it without getting in my zone.

Oh, spice drawer, not as perfect as some I've seen on GW, but way better than I had before:


Coffee area, big kids even make their own tea or coffee on the way to the schoolbus now.

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Love the quartzite island and the stack of ovens and warming drawer. I have not had double ovens in a long time and I totally covet them. Every time I cook and shove three items in the oven (not to mention trying to keep some portion warm), I ooh and ahh.....beautiful colors too!

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I'd love to have that much space & light in my kitchen. Beautiful! I'm in love w/ white macaubus quartzite! Great choice! Oh so pretty!

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Gorgeous! Really love all your colors. Very light and inviting. Great details all around. I bet you just love being in there.

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Such a light, airy kitchen & it's obvious you put alot of work into getting it just right. Nice edge detail on your beautiful Macaubus. I like how you trimmed out the cabinets next to the frig.
Love the window ledges trimmed with stone...and the windows...and the view.
A great gathering kitchen for all your family.

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Just beautiful. Thank you for posting!

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You have a beautiful space and I love how everything is organized! I totally understand wanting to have a space for the kids to do their homework. My DD does hers at the peninsula and it would be great to have an area set aside for her, plus somewhere for our mail and phone chargers that always seem to end up spread over different counters and tabletops.

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The charging drawer is nice to have, but it's still messier inside there than I want because the cords are all tangled. I'm working on finding some retractable Samsung and iphone charging cords to help clean that up.

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Beautiful kitchen - you should be very proud!! I love all of it, but the art space above the hood and the kids' stack are fabulous - too late for me to redesign my hood, but I plan to use the kids' stack idea!

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Thanks! The kids have been doing so much more for themselves since the remodel was done because now they can reach the things that they need. They all make their own eggs, get the plates out, clean up, make their lunches,fill their own water bottles for sports, etc. It's amazing how putting things within easy reach changed our routines for the better. Since they are still short, I have almost all the dishes low in drawers so that they can unload the dishwasher too (no excuses that they can't reach!). Some of the things I prefer higher and I'll probably move them up as they grow taller.

I did forget to plan a place for the dog food though, so it's still in the pantry many steps away from where it should be, oh well.

Good luck with your kitchen!

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SO pretty! Open airy and light! Congratulations!

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Love your kitchen - your old kitchen will just be in your memories!
Great story on the hood picture! I was trying to see what is was and then read onward!
The windows are wonderful - and allow so much light into the kitchen!
Your quartzite on the island is awesome.
I am trying to understand how you incorporated your juicer - is it in a drawer or on the counter somewhere?

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Strayer, just wanted to add that I really like your pulls. They look substantial but not heavy. They seem modern but not too, for your space. They are simple but with detail. In other words, nice touch! Are they satin nickel with polished, or just one plating? How do you find the quality? I ordered different JA hardware for a dining room hutch. Your pulls have me hopeful.

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I have 2 deep and wide drawers to the left of the fridge. One of them has the juicer, big cuisinart, little cuisinart, popcorn pot, blender, large sifter, and a few other things. These are all sort of bulky things that I was always having to dig in cabinets to find. This drawer is grouped basically based on size rather than function.


My cabinet maker brought me several pulls and knobs from JA and I thought they all felt nice, heavy and substantial.

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Beautiful! Love all the windows with their transoms.
Everything flows really well. The cabinets are really nice. Love the frameless-ness ;)
Your 11 year old is a pretty decent little artist!

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Thanks ppbenn! He gets it from DH's side of the family.

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Congratulations! Those windows! That quartzite! Those transoms!

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Beautiful kitchen. Love the windows and the quartzite especially. It must be a pleasure to be there and it's great that your children have their space too.

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