Newbie needs suggestions

savingsfanaticApril 12, 2004

Hi! I'v been a lurker at this board fo awhile enjoying all of your posts! Now I would love some of your expert and imaginative advice or suggestions.

I am in the process of cleaning out a barn we inherited from my husbands grandfather about 5 years ago and although most of the stuff is rusty junk, there are some items I find interesting.

I brought this item home today because I liked it (Hubby is less than thrilled) but I don't know what to do with it. There are several more in the barn so I'm looking for some great suggestions! Thanks in advance!

Image link:

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Depending on the look you like, you could keep the rusted look or paint would look cool and then use it in your garden for a birdbath, feeder or hold a plant! A series of three in a row (since you have more) would look really stunning!

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Can you give us an idea of the size?
Thx! Sheri

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Lots of people love rusty junk! Do not throw it out! Many welders/artists make all kind of things out of it! you might make $$$ out of it! Keep what you want and sell the rest.

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I beleive what you have are watering cups for cows, when they were put in their stantions in the cow barn. This usually happened when they were to be milked. Sometimes during bad weather the cows were also put in the barn. I believe the cups are probably antiques. I would check into this before you sell them or paint them as that would probably affect the value. Ruth

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