Is 8'11.5 x 9'8 too small for a child's bedroom?

aerogurl87October 13, 2013

My fianc� and I are looking at putting a trailer on some land until we can build later on in the future. The one I'm enamored with (the bathroom is huge with a separate tub and corner shower, plus separate vanities and tons of storage) has a bedroom that is 8'11.5x9'8 feet. We won't be having kids until at least 5 years from now, so the largest bed we'd be putting in there would be a full size. The same thing I had until I went to college. Do you think that's too small for a child's room?

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That's pretty small. Depending on how long until you build (and things often happen to put it off), you might not have anything bigger than a baby bed in it. And that would be ok. But a full sized bed in a room that size wouldn't leave much room for anything else, like a dresser or toy shelves.

The "kids rooms" in this house are 10x10 and they were tight when the kids were home, and just had a twin bed in them.

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I think it will be tight but doable. I rent out a house with a bedroom that is about 7'6" by 11"* with no closet and they have 2 kids sharing a bunk bed in there along with a wardrobe and I think a dresser.

Previous tenants have had two toddler beds in there at once and another had a full sized (double) bed and still managed to get a dresser and 2 tiny nightstands in. Many older houses have tiny bedrooms and people survived just fine. Since this would be a temporary situation for you, I would not be too worried about it.

*It might be 7'6" by 13"; I can't remember.

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Elraes Miller

I had a room that size, probably smaller, as child in two different homes. Cannot remember that they were small to me personally. I spent a lot of time outdoors playing and activities inside the rest of the house.

If you have plenty of room throughout the rest of your home for toys and play, in my mind it would be functional. There are so many storage options for beds with under storage, putting dressers in closets and using lights and storage on walls. Being creative in a small room can be great fun. As a nursery it would be fine, enough room for essential furniture.

A full size bed is approx. 54 X 72. You might want to lay tape over a rug or floor and imagine the options from there and also lay out furniture if you already have some. If I were a guest in the small room, it wouldn't be a complaint from me.

Someone posted a wonderful loft that barely fit a full size bed. Used for guests and a cozy reading area. The area was really well done.

Check out Apartment Therapy if you haven't done so. Also Pinterest. I linked a search for you there. Click on Images and a ton will show up.

Have fun doing this. It can be done.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pinterest tiny bedroom search

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If you use a daybed...or twin pushed long ways against the wall, it should be fine. Maybe a little more of a challenge to change the sheets, but it will give you a lot more floor space. Kids love/need some space to play with toys and some low bookcases, with baskets can hold a lot.

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That size is doable, but it totally depends on how the "openings" to the room are positioned. Where is the closet, and where is the door?

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We had a rental once that had a 7X9 child's bedroom, very small but a twin bed fit in okay and there was a closet for storage.

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Ours is 9 1/2 x 11 1/2' for my daughter we have a twin that is set up as a day bed, flat screen TV, book shelves, dresser, AG doll armoire, has been fine until now. She is 8. I have a cot for sleepovers. It's doable. Good luck!

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I think it depends completely on the structural layout (doors, windows), as mentioned above, as well as the closet space. With a good closet, you can avoid dressers/nightstands. Also, it depends on where you plan for the playing to happen/toys to be kept. For example, our little guy (1 yr) has a room that's 14x14 with a tiny tiny closet. He has a crib, xl twin, dresser, and two bookcases in there, along with the rocker/table. It leaves a very small patch for playing. If we didn't need the storage furniture, he'd have lots of play space.

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Sure-that's about how big our room is now. We built our bed with storage underneath and built in cabinets for storage. If two adults can live with a 9x9 bedroom one kid can!

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