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flgargoyleOctober 2, 2008

Since our current house isn't much to look at, and we don't plan to be here much longer, I'll post the plans for the house we hope to build in SC in a couple years. This link takes you to a pdf of the entire plan. Our lot slopes, so the end with the kitchen/DR is 10 feet off the ground, with a walkout basement. That end of the house also faces a mountain view (in the winter). The floor plan has changed a bit, especially the Master bath, closet, and powder room, but you get the idea. I think the floor plan will be a work in progress until I actually build it! You have to click the cream colored 'Click here to start download' button on the left to view it.

Here is a link that might be useful: House plans

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I remember the conversation about your layout. Seeing the complete plans makes for a far better take. Two years? If I had two years my mind would be going in a dozen different directions and probably end up making the architect nuts.

Couldn't get the download from the 'Click. But easy deal on the right where the PDF button is located.

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That's the problem- I'M the 'architect'! I've completely re-arranged the Master BR/ bath/closet area. I'm sure there isn't any point in posting an update, since it will likely change. As drawn, there's about 500 sq ft of 'bonus' space upstairs, but due to potential budget problems, I may simply do without the upstairs altogether, which would save a lot of money, and simplify the build. The basement is the same size as the house, except the utility room, so there's lots of expansion space if we need it. I may also cut back on the wrap around back porch, both to save money, and let sunlight in the kitchen and dining room. As much as I love the idea of a huge porch, I'm afraid it would make it too dark inside.

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Can't you do a wrap around porch with less overhang? The one thing I'd love is a porch. Interesting that you are considering eliminating the 2nd. floor. Although this will give you added room to the main floor without extra stairs.

As I recall, the entry and utility area was most discussed. Not having the extra stairs will give you a lot of extra living space.

I'm impressed you are the architect. With time it will all come together. Those "why didn't I think of this before" ideas can be interesting. Go ahead and post updates, have enjoyed your adventure.

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I already posted this, but my last several posts have disappeared (??) My apologies if it comes up again. I didn't explain myself well. I wouldn't eliminate the porch, but just the part that wraps around the kitchen/dining room on the sides. The porch would be 12 X 24, which I think is plenty. Otherwise, the kitchen/dining room would never get any sun, despite having windows on three sides.

Eliminating the upstairs would mean I could frame the roof with pre-made trusses, which would be faster, easier, and cheaper. I would still have to have the stairs, though, to access the basement. I really wanted a second floor deck above the porch, and that was about half my reason for having an upstairs. I still could, and simply have an external stairway going up from the porch. I have this romantic notion of sitting on the deck, looking at the stars, while listening to jazz and enjoying an adult beverage. I'll post my new floor plan when I have a good sketch.

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Here's a (very) rough sketch of what I'm currently thinking. I know they say to design with less corners to save money, and the main part of this house has 12 corners, not including the utility room and garage, but I have my reasons. Since I'm building it, I don't think the materials cost will be that much more. I'll have to get a quote on the foundation to see how much more that will cost, versus a simpler shape. The 'P' in the kitchen is a pantry. The nook in the hallway to the MBR is a computer nook. The stairs go down to the basement; if we don't have stairs going up, there could be a linen closet over the descending stairs. Otherwise, they'd have to go in the master closet, which is very big. The porch off the kitchen/dining room faces NNE- not ideal, but that's where the view is, and that's the way the hillside slopes.

Why the cross-gable shape? 1)With a walkout basement, there isn't as much support for the uphill wall of the foundation, esp. with clay soil. I was told to keep that wall no longer than 30' without jogs in it. 2)I like the idea of the main rooms having windows on 3 sides for light and ventilation. If it's between 50 and 80 degrees, the windows will be wide open!

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Hey...you really did change the problem areas. I like what you've done. And losing the extra staircase made a huge difference. Only thing to add is a second sink in the bath, but am thinking you just forgot.

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"I have this romantic notion of sitting on the deck, looking at the stars, while listening to jazz and enjoying an adult beverage. I'll post my new floor plan when I have a good sketch" Then are you considering a slide?? Heheheh

You kitchen is very much like our kitchen and I really like the lay out. You have better counter by the stove which we do not have.Corner pantry is exactly what we have. Works great.

Nice floor plan. Chris

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Here's a cleaned-up drawing, with a few small changes. I swapped the kitchen peninsula and the refrigerator, which gets the fridge closer to the sink, and if people are seated at the peninsula, they won't be in the path to the back door, which will probably see a lot of action in nice weather. It also makes it practical to add a small prep sink, which was a major desire of mine. With two cooks in the house, it seems like the main sink is always 'busy'. This drawing is rotated, and I left the porches and garage off for the sake of discussion. The porch will be at the bottom; the garage at the top.

emagineer- I didn't forget the second sink in the bathroom. I've never had one, and could never figure out the need for one. We are never in the bathroom at the same time.

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