Attempt to post a picture of my bedsprings.

cwoolfFebruary 5, 2004

Image link:

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I took apart my old mattress set and have these bedsprings I can't dispose of very easily. Any ideas for turning them into treasure are greatly appreciated!


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I've seen them used as a trellis before. Sorry that's all I can think of. Sally.

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Oh, I hope it's not too late!! I just found the gallery!

I passed up a set of bedsprings about three weeks ago and - of course - saw ideas for using them within a few days. I can't remember which magazine it was, maybe Country Sampler Decorating, they separated the springs individually and hung them with more old wire which was adorned with beads. They put small glass vases inside to use for votive candles. They were really cute!!

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I went to a really cool, funky store one time and they had mattress springs on the ceiling with grapevines and such twining in and out of them. And it seems I read somewhere of someone placing them on the ceiling and putting twinkly Christmas lights in them - like over your bed? That would be so cozy.


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If you still need an idea...I have one. One individual spring that is, that I got at a craft place. I hang some of my antique cookie cutters from it.

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I have wanted to make a swinging bed. I've seen them use the bed springs and they have also used a board with a cushion on it. Hooked it to the ceiling with chains. I just don't have anywhere I could put one.

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See what I did with springs on my website.
I have 2 as a trellis and have separated some as mentioned above.

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