shower curtain for free standing tub

satine_gwJuly 13, 2014

Hi all. Im wondering where to find a shower curtain to encircle a freestanding claw foot tub. My daughter is moving into an apartment in a very old building and the bath has a claw foot tub. I am wondering if buying two or three curtains and sewing them together might work. She of course is on a tight budget so price has to be a consideration. I haven't been able to find other than standard sized curtains. Any ideas? Thanks. Satine

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My daughter also lived in a couple of places with freestanding claw-foot tubs. We used 3-4 clear liners, not sewn together. But I think sewing makes sense so you don't have to constantly monitor the overlaps. You can get water-resistant hotel curtains at BB&B for about $13 each. Sometimes the hardest part is setting up the circular curtain rod.

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I have a free-standing claw foot tub. I use two clear liners and two matching decorative curtains on the circular rod. There's a small gap at the back of the tub, but between the water pressure and the design of the shower head, water never gets back that far. Maybe our tub is smaller, because there really isn't room for a third curtain.

You also want to make sure that when the curtains are pulled completely closed, they aren't gathered up. Those gathers make a great place for mold and mildew. Older bathrooms tend not to have exhaust fans.

We just criss-crossed the shower curtains rings at the edge of the curtains where they meet over the rod for the shower head and they don't come apart. Or you could put the last hole of one shower curtain and the first hole on the next shower curtain on the same hook, to save sewing. I'm just thinking that two or three shower curtains sewn together will be awkward to put up and take down, as well as wash.

Also, if budget is a consideration, you could use liners around the whole tub, and a decorative shower curtain only along one side

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Thanks for all the great ideas. I like the idea of just overlapping the curtains. I think using the liners with just one decorative one in front would work. She is so excited about this place and I am hoping to help her to make it a soft place to land! Thanks again. Satine

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Couldn't remember where I had seen this, but I finally found it again. It may give you some ideas. See link below. She puts the decorative fabric all the way around the tub. Depending on how the shower curtain rod is supported, I might just put decorative fabric on the front half of the circle as camlan suggested

Also, if putting the last hole of one curtain and the first hole of the next doesn't keep the liners together while your DD showers, you could use double faced carpet tape. Overlap the two liners with a bit of tape between them. While putting two holes on one ring ought to work, air currents sometimes do strange things to shower curtains.

Here is a link that might be useful: design sponge shower curtain tutorial

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