Do you ever find just the right picture online?

lavender_lassOctober 21, 2011

I was looking at cottage pictures, trying to find some inspiration. I know what I want the house to look like, how I want it to function...but I can't quite seem to explain it to other people. Especially those not on the Gardenweb :)

So, imagine my surprise, when "my house" pops up as an after drawing for a remodel. I mean, it's not exactly my house (chimney is on the wrong side and not quite so many half timbers on peak) but it's so similar to what I plan to was quite the surprise. I love the arbor with the swing, too! LOL

So, have any of you had that happen. Looking for an idea for a room, a garden, a remodel...and suddenly...there it is! If so, please share some pictures. Here's mine :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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OH WOW I can see it. Could it be a sigh to you? Pergola and swing very nice too.

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I kinda used to live in that house. I loved that little house.

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Jakabedy- What a charming cottage! I love the chimney in front...does it have a window seat? It's so cute!

Shades- If I EVER get this house're coming to visit me and sit in that swing! LOL You're only a few hours away :)

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Hahahaha that would be fun.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I love that style, with gables and bump-outs--it reminds be of a gingerbread house. So much charm!

I've looked and looked on-line for pictures similar to my old kitchen--to find ideas from someone else's remodel. The cabinets were built onsite in the early 1980s, by the PO, and I've never found the exact style. I haven't found many pictures of smaller kitchens with white/bisque appliances--seems as if they're all huge, with stainless steel.

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It's so charming that I can envision the Keebler elf coming out the front door with a plate of cookies. I'd love to see your home when you complete it. Just adorable.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

lavender, I found just the right picture for you on Old House Dreams!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tudor cottage

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Mama- What a house! That ceiling is amazing. It looks like someone started a reno and didn't quite finish...but lots of potential :)

Yayagal- Keebler elf...LOL!

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Jakabedy, "I kinda used to live in that house. I loved that little house."

Now honey, just what is "kinda used to" mean?
Did you go home every afternoon after school with a friend who lived there? It is a charmer alright. Love the garden too.

When I was in grammar school, I'd go out of my way walking home in order to dawdle in front of this huge vacant old mansion on Old Government St. in Mobile. It sat vacant for almost 20 years, some problem settling an estate. I dreamed about that house. It was in town, but it had a barn behind it. Lovely place.

But these days, I am in love with a little New England cape built by the king of Cape builders from Boston, and I'd even give up Alabama to live in it, winter snow and ice and cold alike. Another story book house.

But yes, Lav, I did find just the right picture online. It is MY KITCHEN, to perfection. It felt just right when I saw it. Down to the rug in front of the sink, and the hardwood floors instead of tile. Awesome.

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ML- Your kitchen is beautiful. Post a picture of it here, so people don't have to look for the other thread. I wouldn't mind seeing it again :)

Also, any pictures of your New England cape...that would have you leaving Alabama? This, I'd like to see! LOL

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Mama Goose, that house is incredible. I love the beams and detail in the living room. That room that opens onto the deck, dining room maybe?, is pretty but that ceiling is scary.

Oh, and it is just a few blocks from where my daughter lived until a couple of weeks ago.

I've never found one exactly like I would like mine to be, but I have found bits and pieces, like a gable here, porch trim there, etc.

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Oh, my! I could just snuggle right up in that swing. You've inspired me!!

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Lav, I'll drive by that little cape in the next day or so, and take a couple of shots. I adore the whole thing, garden included. I've been packing up donations all day today, cleaning out DH's cape, so I am totally exhausted. Everything sits at the curb with a big tarp over it, cuz it has been raining and will get more rain overnight. They better show up tomorrow!!!

And here are the kitchen shots .....Enjoy them, cause I sure do too.

The last photo shows the other side of the kitchen, with that soffit shelf continuing to run around the room. I love what I call the "infinity windows clear down to the countertops.

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Young-gardener...Good to see you! Where have you been? I'm so glad you like the swing and it does look like a wonderful place to 'snuggle up' and enjoy the garden.

ML-Thanks for posting the pictures. I do like your kitchen, with the bump out window and the open shelves, over the sink. I also like all those shelves in the little library area...and of course, that chair in the window :)

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moccasin - ha! No, I really did live in that house. It was my first house, bought when I was single. I used the "kinda" because the house was "kinda" like lavender's inspiration photo. Not as detailed, but probably very similar on the inside.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I still lived there. But I got married and the little place started bursting at the seams. We're now three houses later in something completely different (post-and-beam MCM that I adore), but I still miss my little Tudor bungalow.

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Jakabedy, I think the little houses sort of wrap around you and make you feel secure.

When I moved into MoccasinLanding, I had only 2 wicker chairs and a table. I rattled around in that small house like a beebee in a washpot, as they say. However, before long I had acquired all the acoutrements of a furnished house. And I would still be living there except that when my son died, it became too sad for me to stay. I was fixing it to leave to him one day.

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I usually always find the "right" picture online, but i can never make it come true

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