Celebrity stepmom stuff---thoughts?

lovehadleyApril 2, 2009

I am not ashamed to say that I love Perez Hilton! I am a celebrity gossip addict! :)

I heard something about this on the radio the other day and then it was on Perez today.

I don't necessarily think that Gisele meant anything bad by her words---but I can certainly see how a BM would be annoyed by them nonetheless. Honestly--if my DD had a stepmom and she said something like this, it would chap my @$$!

I have always tried to stay out of my SS's mom's way in regards to parenting. SHE is his mother and I would never claim to be in that role. I understand that Gisele is just trying to say she loves her stepson, and that's great---but I also think it was worded poorly. I don't like how she said she wants him to have a good relationship with his mother---like that is under her control or HER call to make!


Your thoughts?

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She's making the same, stupid, uninformed mistakes that most of us SMs or soon-to-be SMs make. We all think to ourselves "Oh it's going to be great! we'll be a family!" Yeah.....right....no way. Even if BM is the coolest BM on the face of the planet, it's not the same as a bio family. And she'll soon realize it. There are traits that make step-families different, even if the kids don't know they are a step.

For instance, my niece doesn't know she has a differeent father than my BIL. But all of the adults in her life do. And the adults on my BIL's side DO treat her different. And even when they aren't, my sister is still defensive. And then there are the cousins that are slightly older and know that she's not my BIL's bio-child are dropping hints and even telling her things (for whatever reason kids do things like this) unintentionally.

My BIL even treats her different. It's not a stark contrast, but he's much easier on his bio-child that the older one. He spends more time with the bio-child. And he gets annoyed really quickly with the older one.

Poor Gisele is just gonna have to face the facts that things are different.

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I think they are being pretty hard on her... yeah she didnt word it great but the good thoughts were there... what silliness.

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