Welcome sign w/alaska agates

bearbubbacowboyMarch 4, 2009

Hi all, Just found this picture and thought I'd share. I made this sign for my sister. It's about 3ft long and 2 ft high. I'm a real rock hound and spend a lot of time on the beach (we're right on Cook Inlet) Agate and rock hunting. I use them a lot in my work. I love them!! I have thousands of them. I'm going to do a bathroom vanity project and use glass and lots of agates. That's next after my cabinet and Rosie's grouting...Later, Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Lovely piece. Like all the diiferent patterns and colors.

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WOW!!! Love it! I really like your plates and extras...hummers and flower buds! And the welcome words!!!

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A very cool welcome sign, I really like the design and the border with all those leaves around it. Did you buy the leaves somewhere or did you or someone make them? I hope to someday do a mosaic with stones or agates myself, it's nice to have access to free materials..ya.

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Hey thanks all,
This was a real fun project. I love using the agates whenever I can.
Wisrose, the leaves I got on ebay -CMK sculptures. I origianlly bought them for my stairs but we were building our house at the time of purchase and I got impatient to use them. So they got used on many projects. Anyway were done building now and guess what, no leaves left and now I still need to do my stairs(will need more leaves)oh that's another project---their endless..Later, Cathy

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Bear, what a beautiful sign! And are you ever lucky to get those agates right on the beach! Wow, I was gonna order some once but they are expensive to buy plus with the shipping from the US to Ontario, Canada it ended up not worth it. Maybe I'll have to go visit you! lol!

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Whoa Nelly!!! BEAR: That's the most beautiful welcome sign I've seen in a very long time. It's GORGEOUS!!!! If you lived in shipping distance, I'd order one from you. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. It would cost a mint to ship, though. BEAUTIFUL.

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That is really pretty....what a warm invite!

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Charmo or anyone else for that matter. Let me know if you'd like some agates. Like I said I have thousands. e-mail me @ cathyscache@yahoo.com Later, Cathy

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What a wonderful piece! I found inspiration in every corner. The lettering stands out beautifully and everything looks so well balanced, colorful and well done. I have some plates with birds and houses on them which I needed inspiration for, so I thank you for that too. It's a great sign and will be well loved for years to come!

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Ooo, that is on of the best Welcome signs I have seen!

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Just Beautiful!!!! Agates ... oh yummmmmm...

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Anybody who sees this Welcome sign will REALLY feel welcome! What a wonderful, happy sign, great job. I like how you incorporate 3-D objects, they are all very well placed and really add to the item. I just looked at more of your pieces on your page. You are very prolific! with great execution. -- I'm totally jealous of your "beach finds", oooh, agates! Lucky you! -- I have to be content with shells (N.FL)...

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