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nicethymeMarch 15, 2010

I had a desire to make a 3d fish on a plate but I really don't have the time or inspiration to mosaic it, so I proposed a collaboration with artist Juli Hulcy. When I am done sculpting it, I will ship it to her to mosaic, from there I told her she's free to show, sell or donate it and just include my name for partial credit. She has agreed and pledged to give me 50% if it sells. I'm excited to see the outcome

So I picked a grouper as my model, glued up and carved polystyrene for the body and used the double wire mesh for the tail and fins

here it measures 24" long

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I have since coated this in a thinset slurry to give it some tooth and then after it dried I went over it with a portland and sand mix.

I'm pleased the fins and tail have remained thinwalled and I will do the backs of the ones that I can reach under next.

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dang it, I forgot to show you guys' Juli's work. this is her site and she's done some really cool fish

Here is a link that might be useful: Juli Hulcy

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Oh, NT. The likeness is phenomenal. It looks so much like your model. Your sculpting is really going otta bounds. You're like Riana - she loves making the sculptures but doesn't enjoy the tiling. Juli's work is fabulous. Looks like she's a Texas girl. Is she in Dallas? Looks like this w/surely be a winner. You're going places - UP.

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NT: Re your Portland/sand mix - do you use silica sand? I can't get it here - all I can get is play sand. Your finish always looks so smooth. Silica sand is what Riana recommends for the final coat. Wish I could get it.

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No and I've tried to get it too... I need to make friends with an autobody shop to get some super fine silica. So I use playsand as well but I screen it as best I can to try and seperate out the courser aggregates

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