Please check mama g's post on conversations

desertstephOctober 25, 2010

many of us don't go over there on a regular basis so this is a FYI that there is a post of sad news there by mama g.

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OK... I'll be the slow kid who dares to raise his hand for the collective good... need a hint, maybe a direct link, to the section/forum you're talking about... 8 years on THS, and I'm clueless. :(

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fixizn try the link bellow . Conversations is the second page to this Small house board. This is where we chat about anything and do not feel the need to stay on topic.

Mamas post is bereft and very sad.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bereft :^(((

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

desertsteph, thank you for your kindness in posting on this side. I appreciate everyone's prayers and encouragement, and I'll be back to Smaller Homes soon. I know you will all understand that I am grieving, and have no enthusiasm for issues that were important to me just a week ago.

Is it the same on forums as in real life? Do we see someone who has suffered a loss, and feel a rush of sympathy, but also a moment of awkwardness? I hope not--someday I'll just sneak into a thread--you know I have too many opinions to keep them to my self for long, LOL.

Thanks again for being here--let's let this one drift off.

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