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homesofqualityOctober 31, 2008

I guess I posted this in the wrong forum originally. Better fit here hopefully.

We decided to build ourselves a mini-cabin to make life at our recreational property a bit more comfortable - Sharing a 20' travel trailer with two Labradors was a tad bit too cozy.

Here's what we've accomplished so far,

It's just the shell so far. I hope to have the exterior finished by next summer - Decks, soffits, trim, windows and siding.

The wife and I have 10 days of labor into it so far. She's a barista by trade but has a knack for construction. The materials so far are just under $3500 including permits and tax which are ~20% of the total costs so far... yikes.

Other details:

12' x 16' main floor

8' x 12' Covered Porch

12' x 12' Loft

I had planned on building a smaller structure (I kept the design is simple to make building quick and be efficient with materials to keep the costs down. I'm pleased with how well it has gone and I'm excited to get back to work on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yonderosa Mini-Cabin

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You and your wife have done a GREAT job and I look forward to seeing more pictures as this project moves along. What a wonderful view you have there.

I love the name Yonderosa Mini-Cabin.


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Wow, what a view! I love the name too. You two are doing a good job with the building too. Is it a kit or your design?

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Great job on your cabin! It goes to show how quickly and inexpensively hard working people can build basic shelter. I can't wait to see the final results- keep us posted!

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What a wonderful place to head for. And there is nothing like the feeling one has doing all on your own. Am curious about plumbing and electrical.

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Thank you for the feedback!

I have a LOT of enthusiasm for this little project and enjoy sharing it with others. I am very blessed to be able to do this and hope that our experiences will be helpful to others.

The Yonderosa took us a few years to dedicated searching to find (vacationing/recreating in the area, internet listings). Once we did find it we knew within minutes that this was the place. After speaking with neighbors (country folks are great!), and researching the soils, well reports, power and septic... we made and offer and it was accepted! The whole process went better than I could have hoped. 20 acres (4 meadow, 16 forest) in Eden. Mule & whitetail deer, black bear, coyotes, moose, cougar, grouse ... Western Larch, Ponderosa Pine, Doug Fir, Lodgepole pine... wild strawberries (small but packed with flavor), currants... I discover something new every time we go.

I drew the plan*. My major considerations were the time we would have to build it - it is 4+ hours from our residence and we typically stay for one long weekend a month - and the cost. In these times we didn't want to add a bunch of debt. We kept it modest so we could build it quickly and pay as we go. A gap in my employment and some accumulated vacation time allowed us to spend a week doing the walls, loft, roof framing and roofing. We did the foundation and floor on a previous visit. Two people - one of which is a barista, ten days (so far) of hard but enjoyable work.

Next up I'll do the decking on the covered porch, install the windows, close in the soffits, the exterior trim and siding.

The Yonderosa is currently off the grid. Generator and battery power, composting toilet, water is hauled in, luckily the neighbors have great wells and generously keep us supplied.

In the future we will build a larger cabin or possibly a carriage house (garage with living space above)that will be on the grid - at least partially - and the mini-cabin will become an accessory building or guest house.

For now the Mini-Cabin will serve the purpose making it much more comfortable to stay there.

*=I work for a Home and Remodel Design firm. My specialty there is small (accessory buildings and cabins mostly), challenging lot and/or remote projects. This was cup cake - fun, easy and an absolute joy to build.

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It looks wonderful....what a nice get-away for the 4 of you. Keep us posted on the the progress as you are able to resume work.

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Great little cabin. When you finish I hope you'll share the costs with us--it might be about all we can afford to build on some lovely land we bought a few years ago.

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a great little space, my BIL has a cabin very similar in the woods in michigan he uses it to get away from my sister his wife..and he takes his dogs and teaches them birding.

your cabin is about the size of my potting shed..which i did originall build for a getaway for my hubby but he never used now it is a shed.

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