Need help with fence for my kitchen garden :)

lavender_lassOctober 23, 2010

Here's a picture of my kitchen garden

It needs a little work, but it's really starting to come together. I have to add some little beds (potager style) around the middle arches, with the birbath in the middle. The front bed has to have the grass dug out next spring, and I'm still catching up on my weeding! LOL

The perimeter bed is pretty deep (about 6') because it's really two beds. The inside is for veggies and flowers, while the outside has blueberries, strawberries and perennial flowers, with a few small shrubs.

I want to put a fence all along the perimeter bed, diving the two areas. This is more to keep the deer from "munching through" the garden, than anything else. I'm asking all of you, because you're so creative and I need something inexpensive, but nice.

I've been thinking about wire or lattice, with maybe a few strings of wire above. Again, it won't keep the deer out of the garden, but will give me an area to put things against, then I can "defend" them with flowers and herbs. I love my deer, but they do make life challenging!

Anyway, I'd appreciate your ideas and any pictures of your fall garden, if you'd like to share them. Thanks again :)

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Hey, Lavender!
You are so right, a fence won't keep out the deer. I've watched them stand stock still and LEVITATE over a 5 foot tall fence. They are equipped with springs in their legs.

For my book, a pretty little picket fence would be nice. They look pretty when they are low. And there are vinyl ones available now.

Being up north now, we are mostly cutting down our plants here, but I've managed to bring in some of the dried money plants which look so pretty. I have thousands of seeds should anyone want some. Just email me at the address given in my GardenWeb profile. I think it takes about 2 years for them to make any money. They look like coins, not dollars.

Of course, lattice would look nice too, but not if solid. I think it would be great for infill between sections of the pickets. 1x2 strips of lathing mounted to 2x2 horizontal boards could yield a nice wooden picket style and might be less expensive than buying readymade picket sections.

Just how big is your potager going to be? Do you already have any old gates you could use? Or have you considered NO gate for the present time?

Excuse me if I am all disorganized. I have a bad case of strept throat and feel lousy. Both DH and I are sick. No fun when nobody is well enough to baby the other person.

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A friend has been successful in deterring deer from destroying her food gardens by stringing three rows of fishing line on posts. The deer approach, encounter the line they can feel but not see, freak out and retreat.

Worth a try?

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Dian57, how is it going with your cape house? Can you do a thread on here for us? Glad to see you pop up now and again!

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We keep the deer out of our garden with a 7-foot tall fence. My husband sank tall posts into the ground and attached horizontal 1x2's about 16 inches apart up to a height of 7 feet. It's not fancy, but you can see the garden very well through it, and it keeps the deer out nicely.

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