Bob Ross

Annem194December 22, 2001

I will like to know if someone have try the Bob Ross workshop video tape and if it is easy to learn.

I would like to hear your comments.

Thank you.


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I've never tried Bob Ross but last year I discovered Frank Clarke at

I've done decorative painting for a lot of years but never attempted a landscape until I found this site because I didn't know where to begin. His free web lessons are very well done. In fact I didn't even paint one of his on-line lessons the first time 'round. Instead, using his instruction I did a seascape complete with a lighthouse and was very pleased with the result.

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I am so happy that I have discovered this site, with you I discovered many things.

I have tried it on a paper and I think that I am ready to do it on a canvas.
It is fun and it is well done for beginners like me.

Thank you .


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