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GramaDecember 13, 2003

I would post my photos of what I have been doing, if someone can help me with my photos. I don't know how to get them from my pictures folder to the Gardenweb.

Thanks, Grama

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You can post your photo on the decorating and craft forum GALLERY. If you have the picture saved on your computer or on disk, click browse next to the blank to get the proper address. A "menu" will pop up for you to direct to your file. ie: if on A disk, the result would read something like A:\\grama photo 1 (or however you named your picture)or if in my pictures on your hard drive (usually designated as c, you would click on c or my computer, then click on my pictures, it should read similar to C:\my pictures\name of photo.

Gardenweb will copy it from that location. Then you can copy the location of the photo you put in the gallery (right click on the title of your post and left click on copy shortcut). Come back to this forum, create a post and where the optional link url: right click in the box and left click on paste. Name the link: the name of your photo.

Now one should be able to read your post, and click on the url which will bring up the photo in the gallery.

I hope I have been clear. If not, I will try to help further.

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OOPS! As I read further down the forum page, I saw where you had posted your pictures! Good for you!!! And I enjoyed the ornament, how cute!

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