Source for *orange* 1/4 ceramic tile

hydropetuniaMarch 9, 2010

Hello new friends!

I am trying to find an online source of orange tile. By 'orange', I don't mean 'burnt' or 'tinged'--I mean solid, no-doubt-about-it orange. My project is to build a mosaic of the tiger 'Hobbes' from the comic strip 'Calvin & Hobbes'. You can see how a tiger would require true orange and not a watered down version.

My local Lowe's and Home Depot don't have any, and neither do their catalogs. I guess bright orange isn't a popular color for bathrooms and kitchens. :) I have tried specialty tile stores, but they are even more hoity-toity and less likely to have such a basic color.

I would prefer 1/4" ceramic tile in standard sizes such as 1", 4.25" or 6". I already have the other colors required in 1/4" ceramic. I am willing to try a different thickness / composition if it is the only thing available.

I would appreciate any recommendations for on-line or overlooked local places to find these orange tiles. I realize I will probably have to pay for box quantity and large shipping fees.

Thanks in advance, and I promise to take pix of my progress!


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Wits End Mosaic Supply will have what you need and in every color imaginable. Good luck.

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I talked to Lowe's about "brights" in ceramic tiles and there is a company called daltile or something like that which makes their inexpensive ceramic tiles in black and white which they stock. They can special order the brights and I went to the wholesalers show room and the colors are excellent, they have a great orange. However, the tiles are 4x4. The only color I didn't find was fushia....and that I am still looking for. :(

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You might find some good blending colors here:
Their 4" tiles are $142 each with a 15 tile minimum. They pack them very well for shipping. If the link does not take you to the right page do a search for 4 inch tiles on their site.

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I'm just asking for future that really $142 for one 4" tile?? One tile? Just checking. I think I am going to wait until I am REALLY REALLY good at this mosaic thing before I try one of

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oopsie... $1.42 one dollar and 42 cents...:)

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Dear MT....thanks. I was just fantasizing about where I would use that kind of tile if I should ever be that wild/crazy/rich/goofy/confident to use it. I feel so much better. lol. You made me laugh tho and that is a good thing!

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How many tiles would you need of the orange if it were 4"?

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Hi guys. Thanks for all of the help. I have been unable to find 1/4" ceramic orange tile.

The fellows at Lowe's were very helpful in attempting to find a supplier. I did not order at the time because the closest matches were 'orange burst' and 'mandarin', and I didn't trust the ancient computer displays to accurately display the color. They even said if I had the time they could order a sample of each color before placing an order. 'Orange burst' probably would have worked.

I purchased -glass- tile from a discount supplier found on eBay or amazon. The color was listed as 'coral' but looks orange to me. This will be my first use of glass tile. I have already started breaking it up.

I estimate I will need maybe 1.5 - 2 square feet for this project, so 13-18 4" tiles.


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I will go through my stash and see what I have and get back to you...

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Is this what you are looking for? My camera would not pick up the actual color so I worked with the saturation to get it as close to the tile as possible. They are 4"X4" and 1/4" thick. Email me at:

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